10 Things Your Bikini Waxing Lady Wants You To Know!

10 Things Your Bikini Waxing Lady Wants You To Know!
Want to make your next bikini wax a breeze? Well, as close to it as possible? Then read these things your bikini waxing lady will never tell you but would still love if you knew. Your waxing-down-there experience - it’s about to get a whole lot better.

1.  Please Don’t Schedule A Wax When You’re On Your Period

This one’s pretty obvious. Not only is it unsanitary but it’s also pretty gross! If you do get your period when you’re due for a wax, please call and reschedule.

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2. Please Don’t Schedule One The Week Before Your Period Either

Your skin is the most sensitive at this time, which basically means pain is magnified. You don’t want to the ouch factor to be multiplied, so never schedule your appointment around this time.

3. Don’t Come In Right After A Workout

Not only is all that sweat icky for her, but it will also prevent the wax from sticking properly. Which would mean that she would have to go over the same area again and again. Ouch!biking waxing tips

4. Don’t Work Out Right After Either

Your newly-waxed, hairless skin is extra sensitive to chafing, bacteria and sweat. Skip the workout and tight clothes for a day or two after your wax to avoid rashes. Nobody wants pimples on their hoo-ha!

5. Don’t Forget To Trim The Hedges

Just like you would brush your teeth before going to the dentist, a little grooming and prep is necessary before your appointment. Too-long hair will make the experience more painful, too short and it won’t come off properly. Trim it down to about a quarter-inch, that’s the optimal length your hair should be for a good wax.

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6. Pop A Pill!

Popping a painkiller about 45 minutes before your appointment will really help cut down the out-factor. Try it the next time.

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7. Don’t Shave In Between Appointments

Shaving is your enemy when it comes to waxing. Shaving in between appointments will only make your hair harder to come off, more painful and lead to ingrowths down there. You should either only shave or only wax - you can’t do a combination of both.

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8. Please Wash Before You Come In

It’s basic etiquette to wash or at least use baby wipes all around the area she is going to be dealing with.

9. You May Pee A Bit Differently After

Your hair down there generally controls things - without it your stream may get a bit whacky and you may have to concentrate on positioning yourself differently on the seat to aim better. Hey, we just want to make sure you’re prepared for everything.

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10. She’s Seen It All Before

There’s absolutely no need to feel shy or embarrassed. You’re probably the hundredth customer she’s serviced this month and probably the fifth one on that particular day. She’s not going to judge you so relax and be comfortable.

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