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The BEST Fashion Trends Of 2015 - And Why We Love Them!

The BEST Fashion Trends Of 2015 - And Why We Love Them!

It is almost 2016 and what better way to celebrate the year that has just gone by than by putting together the trends that have rocked the fashion world all year long. These fashion trends refuse to die and have taken almost every fashion runway by storm. We bring you our picks from Amazon Fashion that you can try now to be the centre of attention at EVERY occasion!

1. Sneaky Sneakers!

1. fashion trends of 2015 Sneaky Sneakers Sneakers are comfy, they are trendy and they simply refuse to go away. Pair them with a dress, a hoodie, a pair of shorts and even with your midi-skirts - they’re versatile and we love them! These black and white sneakers go with everything and are super comfy!

2. Bling Is King!

2. fashion trends of 2015 Bling Is King Every top runway show in 2015 featured some form of shimmer. We found bling on clothes and in the form of embellishments on accessories. This pair of shimmery shorts will light up Christmas day like nothing else.

3. Pleated Glory

3. fashion trends of 2015 Pleated Glory The return of the 60’s also saw a big comeback for pleated skirts and pants. A short pleated is almost too good for a New Year’s Eve party. Pair it with a leather jacket to make heads turn.

4. Boots Are Meant For Walking

4. fashion trends of 2015 Boots Are Meant For Walking Season after season we see the return of boots in different shapes and sizes. This year, ankle length boots with thick heels reminded us of the rockers from the 70’s with their biker chic fashion statements.

5. But First, Fur!

5. fashion trends of 2015 But First, Fur Faux fur is affordable and can add a touch of class to any outfit you pick. This sleeveless jacket in faux fur is so adorable, it will make your detractors fume with envy! Pair it with jeans and a warm full-sleeved t-shirt.

6. High Up Top

6. fashion trends of 2015 Get High Waisted As the seams on skirts and shorts went lower, the waist bands just kept going higher. Anything high-waisted sold like hot cakes. This marsala-coloured high-waisted midi skirt is your go-to for formal occasions. *This is a sponsored post for Amazon Fashion
Published on Dec 24, 2015
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