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Dear Girl, THIS Is What Sets You Apart From Everyone Else!

Dear Girl, THIS Is What Sets You Apart From Everyone Else!

Fun science fact: your exact genetic code is a unique masterpiece that has taken millions of years of evolution to create. You’re THAT special. And sure, sometimes the best of us feel that we don’t quite ‘fit in’ - we feel too odd, too vulnerable, too much like the outsider. Those moments of self-doubt are when you should stop, take a deep breath, and have a one-person party celebrating your own awesomeness! We’ve come up with a little list of things that make YOU stand out and which you should remember when you’re in need of a little boost!

1. Your Family

You may not always get along, but the relationships you share with your parents and siblings are unique. Everyone might love their parents, but the way you love is distinctive to you. And given that all families are different, your family’s little quirks add unique strands of character to your personality. quirky is awesome. 1

2. Your Buddies

Whether you have a large group of buds or just one or two 4AM  pals, the company that you keep makes you one-of-a-kind. If you were to count the unique traits you cherish in your friends, we’re sure you’d come up with an impressive list. And if they were to list out a bunch of things that make YOU special, be rest assured that their list would also be a mile long.

3. Your Interests and Hobbies

You might be a champion hockey player, you might be an excellent photographer, or maybe you are the resident encyclopaedia of Game of Thrones facts - we all have one unique hobby or interest that sets us apart. Even if your hobby of going on feminist rants isn’t considered conventionally ‘cool’, with time you’ll find more than enough people who’ll be truly blown away with how awesome you are. quirky is awesome. 2

4. Your Looks

Science says that on an average, people find us 20 per cent more attractive than we consider ourselves to be. So whether you’re completely comfortable with the way you look (good for you!) or whether you’re still working towards total confidence - celebrate the unique combination of genetics that have given you your one-in-a-million look!

5. Your Style

Whether you’re a sweatshirt and sneakers kind of girl or a kaajal-ed and jhumka-ed ethnic chick, your personal style is a reflection of what you’re currently feeling and who you are at the present moment. Celebrate it for what it is and know that with time and experience, as you grow more confident, your style will only get cooler! PS: If you want to upgrade your style quotient ASAP, give the new Chumbak One collection a whirl! quirky is awesome. 3

6. Your Past Experiences

Some of us have had sheltered upbringings while others have faced more than their share of life’s jhatkas. Whatever your past experiences have been, rejoice in the fact that they are unique to you. No one has been through what you have, and all those happy and painful experiences have made you who you are.

7. Your Attitude

You might be a happy-go-lucky optimist with splashes of the blues, or you might be the quiet, brooding type who always has a kind word for everyone. Your attitude is always a cocktail of light and dark that is special and inimitable! You go girl! And for when you want to showcase that one-of-a-kind attitude, may we suggest knick-knacks from Chumbak’s #MakeHappy buffet of products? They sure make us happy. quirky is awesome. 4 *This is a sponsored post for Chumbak.
Published on Dec 14, 2015
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