Anushka On Sexism In Bollywood - A Must-Watch For Every Girl!

Anushka On Sexism In Bollywood - A Must-Watch For Every Girl!
No, the stars aren't living in an elevated world where things like sexism and discrimination don't exist. Our favorite Bollywood celebrities may seem like they live very differently from us but many of the day-to-day challenges they face are the exacts same ones as we do. And someone is finally talking about it! Anushka Sharma has laid it all out in this interview with Anupama Chopra - how in most Hindi films, female actors mostly come into play only after the movie already revolves around a male character, how women (unlike men) in the industry are considered to be "desirable" only while they're young, and how even the treatment and not just the pay they receive while on set is SO different. She tells us about her first-hand experience in Bollywood and we're super impressed with how candid she is in this video! Definitely a must-watch for every girl out there.

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