9 Annoying Things Every Newlywed Couple HATES Hearing!

9 Annoying Things Every Newlywed Couple HATES Hearing!
You got married yesterday and now every time people see you two together, giggles ensue! Honestly guys, there are some things people should just not say to a newly married couple! You think it’s fun, but not everyone’s Kapil Sharma, you know!

1. When are you giving us the good news?

I got married yesterday!!!

annoying newlywed questions

2. Living (or not) with your in-laws?

Honestly, is it any of your business?

3. Oh, you’re not headed for a honeymoon?

Since you’re not coming along, why are you so interested?

4. Tonight’s the wedding night, haan? (Nudge, wink!)

To all the well-meaning aunties and friends out there: trust us, the wedding night is not as exciting as it is in your head. And yes, we do get your not-so-subtle hints about S-E-X.


5. You don’t look like a bride!

Maybe because you expect me to twinkle like a Christmas tree at all times.

6. Now you won’t have time for friends!

Guys, we got married not jailed!

7. Are you going to keep working?

How come you never ask my husband that?

annoying newlymarried questions

8. Are you going to have sex everyday?

Errrrr...life must be very interesting inside your head.

9. What are you making for dinner for hubby?

You know I can’t even boil water, right?     

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