alisha episode three

The Lipstick Loving Detective - We're LOVING This Show!

Rayman Gill

Assistant Editor, POPxo

A high-fashion modern day Nancy Drew, a roaring Christmas party held in the year 1965, and a missing purse! You guessed it - the third episode of the Alisha web series is chock full of drama, intrigue, and oodles of vintage glamour.

If you thought Alisha’s previous adventures were impressive, in this episode, the fashion writer solves a mystery that unfolded over fifty years ago. The well-dressed desi Carrie Bradshaw walks the streets of Mumbai in search of clues - fending off creepy Facebook stalkers and stylishly proving that beauty and brains often go hand in hand. This Blush original production has been garnering rave reviews from fashion enthusiasts and mystery-buffs alike. The charming conclusion of the third episode is sure to sit well with fans, as Alisha proves that sometimes the big answers can be found in the unlikeliest of places. So sit tight and watch Alisha solve the case of the Gatsby purse that went missing five decades ago - and did we mention the purse was worth five lakhs?
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Published on Dec 18, 2015
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