15 Affordable Watches That Are PERFECT For You (And Your Budget!)

15 Affordable Watches That Are PERFECT For You (And Your Budget!)

This story was updated in February 2019. We have put together our favourite women's watches. So ladies, - there is one for every personality type and we are sure you’ll really love to have some of these in your collection. And of course, the prices are so tempting you won’t be able to hold back! Read to find out such affordable watches!

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Affordable Watches To Grab Right Now!

Yes, you heard it right! We have a list of affordable watches with super stylish designs.

1. The Floral Desire

Untitled-2 This gorgeous beauty is what dreams are made of - lots of fresh flowers. We like the chronograph detail this one has. It surely deserves to be in our trinket box! The whole textured dial makes this one super special. Price: Rs 922. Buy it here

2. The Rosey Golden Wonder

dressberry-women-rose-gold-toned-analogue-watch-affordable-watches We are swooning over the use of rose gold and glitter in this one! Perfect for the shimmery princess in you! This pretty piece is surely a show stopper. Wear this with all your Indian outfits and especially on the days you want to gleam. Everyone else will be gleaming too, looking at you! Price: Rs 3,499. Buy it here

3. For The Cute Girlies

daniel-klein-premium-women-silver-toned-analogue-affordable-watches You all have to agree this super adorable watch is worth getting. This one makes for a wonderful gift to get your bestie this winter! Its elegance makes us super happy, just perfect for gloomy days. Price: Rs 3,650. Buy it here

4. The Pop Of Color

fastrack-women-basics-affordable-watches This mix between sporty and chic is ideal for the girl who loves the flawless white with a pop of color. The rectangular shape lends a different dimension to this one. It’s got that quirkiness which is making it hard to resist. Price: Rs 1,995. Buy it here

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5. The White Charm

fastrack-womens-varsity-analogue-leather-watch-affordable-watches This pretty white watch is what you need to complete your casual look. The white colour is graceful and might even suit the formal look at times. Price: Rs 1,695. Buy it here

6. The Old Fashioned Beauty

fastrack-womens-analogue-leather-watch-affordable-watches This vintage brown leather strap is for all you souls who love the old world charms a bit too much. Reminds us of an era gone by! This one will never ever go out of vogue. Price: Rs 1,295. Buy it here

7. The White Elegant Goddess!

Womens-White-Dial-Analogue-Watch-affordable-watches This watch spells out elegance like no other. The best combination of smart and sophisticated makes this one an all-time favorite. You can team this one with pretty much anything in your wardrobe - totally worth grabbing, isn’t it? Price: Rs 1,700. Buy it here

8. The Gorgeous Silver Princess

fastrack-womens-analogue-metallic-watch-affordable watches This is one watch you need to have in your drawer, designed for the busy girls who mean business. Now you have it, at that price! WOW! Price: Rs 2,350. Buy it here

9. The Bold Black One!

mast--harbour-women-black-analogue-watch-affordable-watches We love how this one is out there to make a statement. So strong and yet so delightful. This one is simple yet so graceful. You know when to wear black, don’t you! Price: Rs 3,299. Buy it here

10. I'm in love with the shape of this

fastrack-womens-analogue-leather-watch-affordable-watches We love the shape of the dial here and that white makes it even more stunning. For all of you who already have the regular shaped watches, this exquisite piece needs to make it into your treasury. Price: Rs 2,195. Buy it here

11. Metallic Watch

Womens-Analogue-Metallic Watch-affordable-watches This metallic beauty with blue hue has been successful in catching our attention. Plus we are confident that it will grab some attention for you too if you go outside wearing this one. Price: Rs 3,750. Buy it here

12. Bracelet Watch

Womens Analogue Bracelet Watch-affordable-watches Bracelet watches have a feminine touch which we absolutely love to flaunt at times. They look pretty and they go with any beautiful dress which you have just brought to impress someone special. Price: Rs 3,900. Buy it here

13. Leather Watch

Womens Analogue Leather Watch-affordable-watches Here is another one for a sophisticated look. This will match most of your outfits. Just look how pretty it is! Price: Rs 2,756. Buy it here

14. Women's Green Dial Analogue Watch

Womens-Green-Dial Analogue Watch-affordable-watches This is a perfect girlish watch! Beautiful colour, lovely bracelet style, tiny but distinct hands, round dial and to top it all a flower print. Price: Rs 3,996. Buy it here

15. Hip Hop Analog Women's Watch

hip-hop-watch-women-affordable-watches This pretty analogue watch has a round dial and stone studded design which will win any girl's heart. Match it with your pretty floral dress on a Sunday or on a date. Price: Rs 3,195. Buy it here

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