10 Party Bags Under Rs 1,000! WOW!

10 Party Bags Under Rs 1,000! WOW!
We all know that with December comes the party season, the shaadi season, the holiday season and the season of all things merry and nice. So you’ve got your holiday and party dresses sorted out but still on the lookout of the perfect bag to complete your look? Here are 10 amazing bags that are perfect for the parties this season.

1. Raspberry Crush

affordable party bagsThis gorgeous colour will elevate any outfit to the next level. Pair it with a white, black, various shades of pink - it will blend seamlessly with your ensemble.

Price: Rs 712. Buy it here!

2. Blue Lagoon


When it comes to party bags, less is more. We are in love with this gorgeous blue satchel! Not only is it beautiful but it also looks like we spent way more than we actually did while purchasing it! Shhhh, no one needs to know! 

Price: Rs.799. Buy it here!

3. Perfect Sheen

Another party bag that is a steal for the amount it is priced at is this fabulous metallic number. Looks delicate yet edgy, we guarantee this will be the perfect companion for you this holiday season.

Price: Rs.988. Buy it here!

4. Around In Circles!

affordable party bagsWhy not try something new this season and experiment with new shapes and designs? This brown round satchel is the perfect number to give that extra edge to your ensemble. We can’t wait to get our hands on this one!

Price: Rs. 900. Buy it here!

5. Metal Explosion

affordable party bagsAin’t no party without some metallic colours that help you shine through the night! This stunning gold piece is the only add-on you need to make you stand out in a room full of people!

Price: Rs. 999. Buy it here!

6. Tasseled And Chained

Let the accessories do the talking for you this party season. This satchel with those unique side tassels is all you need to make a statement!

Price: Rs 500. Buy it here!

7. Tan Waves

affordable party bagsTan coloured bags, whether they’re totes or mini satchels or messenger bags, will always look elegant and beautiful. If you’re wearing a printed or a sequinned statement dress, this bag is the perfect bag for you!

Price: Rs. 949. Buy it here!

8. Shimmers!

affordable party bagsGirls and glitters. Need we say more? Dazzle the night with this pretty silver clutch. Pair it with your favourite party dress, it will be the only accessory you need to shine!

Price: Rs.774. Buy it here!

9. Killer Combo

affordable party bagsWorried your outfit might be a little too bland for that grand New Year’s Eve party? Well, this satchel will take care of all your outfit woes. So gorgeous, it speaks for itself and is guaranteed to give that X factor to your ensemble!

Price: Rs. 638. Buy it here!

10. Splash Some Colour

affordable party bagsThere is no room for dull when you’re welcoming a brand new year. Celebrate with a splash of colours and what is better than this trendy green and yellow satchel to help you do that?!

Price: Rs 675. Buy it here!

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