5 Adorable Bachelorette Ideas (Go Cute, Not Crazy!)

5 Adorable Bachelorette Ideas (Go Cute, Not Crazy!)
Your bestie will be ‘Mrs’ in just a couple of months! It’ll be some time before you guys can have girly fun again. But that’s what bachelorettes are for! Here are awesome bachelorette ideas to get you started - exclusively for the girl who doesn’t party but loves hanging out with her girls!

1. Spa-rtyyy 

Just think...a relaxing day spent at the spa with the bride-to-be and the gang. No girl can say no to a day like that. And if the spa date comes with cocktails and yummy bites...you have a perfect chill sesh. In Delhi, Sawadhee comes highly recommended. They even have group packages! Four Fountains, a highly rated chain, have spas across the country.

bachelor party1

2. 1...2...Cha cha cha

Yes, we’re talking about dance classes! It’s great fun to learn some sexy, new moves with your girl gang. Choose a dance style your BFF has always wanted to learn - belly dancing, hip hop or, if you’re feeling adventurous, then pull off some pole dancing moves. Book a private class for your gang and have a blast! UrbanClap is a great source for niche classes of this sort.  

bachelor party 2

3. Ain’t no party like a PJ Party!

Get pjs for the gang with a fun one-liner at the back and have someone cater fizzy cocktails and red velvet cupcakes. Spend the night dancing, give each other manicures and play an especially scandalous and boozy version of ‘I would never, ever, ever…’. AND click lots and lots of selfies. School-time sleepovers have nothing on this version!

bachelor party 3

4. Make a splash

Get the gang together, put on your best retro swimsuits and lounge around the pool in your red-est lipstick. Yup, sultry Scarlett Johansson is the inspiration and the swimming pool the venue! Get the barman to make you ‘50s-themed cocktails and pamper the bride-to-be with a long, relaxing foot massage. In Mumbai, C’est La Vie offers space for private poolside parties. Most five-star hotels will let you splash around for a ‘per head’ fee, so book your day!

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5. Go all pro-pah!

Pretty, pastel day dresses, exotic teas, cucumber sandwiches, macaroons, tea cakes and long, giggly conversations. Makes a pretty picture, doesn’t it? We love the tea room ambience of Smoke House Deli, Pali Hill in Mumbai.

bachelorette party 5

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