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A Month To Your Shaadi? Here's What You MUST Do For Yourself!

A Month To Your Shaadi? Here's What You MUST Do For Yourself!
With just a month left to the D-day, life's one big roller coaster! From crazy checklists and meeting vendors to endless shopping and outfit trials, your schedule is jam-packed. And while you’re enjoying every bit, you need to take care of YOU! From skin to health, here’s what you must do when it's just a month to the wedding!

1. Pretty up!

Yes, we’re talking about hitting the salon. Besides the pre-bridal facials and body scrubs that you signed up for earlier, you also need to pay attention to basics. Waxing, for instance, needs to be done now so you don’t have red spots or any other allergic reactions on your hands and legs. If you want to give your eyebrows a certain shape, then start work now. Go in for you manicures and pedicures so you can have at least two sessions before the D-Day.

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2. A sesh with the expert down-under

Not what you’re thinking! We’re talking about the super-important-yet-often-ignored gynae visit. This is especially important if you’re going to have sex for the very first time. Get a basic check up done. You may have queries about sex, pregnancy, contraception or your periods. If you’re considering birth control pills, you’ll need to figure out a schedule and dosage that’s best for you. That’s where the gynecologist steps in.  

3. Eat treat

As a bride, we’re certain that you’re watching what you’re eating. As you step into the last month before the wedding, consult a dietitian for a healthy eating plan if you haven’t already. Your body needs to be prepped to survive the exhaustion that comes with celebrations. Plus, healthy eating will do amazing things for your skin and hair!

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4. Hair we go!

Whether you're looking at hair extensions or getting coloured streaks, now is the time to start. See a specialist if you suffer from any specific hair issues so your hair is shiny, silky and strong by D-Day!

5. Spa-ta

A good spa session is what every bride-to-be needs. You could choose from Ayurvedic treatments or the super-relaxing hot oil massages. Check out The Four Fountain Spas across India for that perfect bride-to-be treatment. To indulge in a Ayurvedic potli massage, book an appointment at the Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort.

6. Chill out...with a workout

Yup, you heard it right. Exercising not only helps you get fit but also releases stress. Take out time for your morning or evening walks or just get onto the Good Health 24 by 7 YouTube channel for your fitness quick fix.

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7. Enter the bliss zone

Meditate daily. It’ll calm you and make it easier to deal with the hazaar decisions you need to make. All the chemical locha that you’re going through starts showing on the face. Take a deep breath, do some chanting and you’ll get through it like a breeze.

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