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7 Women Whose Style Is As Awesome As Their Music!!

7 Women Whose Style Is As Awesome As Their Music!!
When it comes to cutting-edge style, the glamour world is where the action is at! And while most of us keep an eye on what our favourite Hollywood and Bollywood actresses are wearing, it’s worth your time paying attention to the personal style of popular musicians too! We’ve got you a low-down on the drool-worthy fashion our favourite songstresses have been sporting - and we tell you how you can replicate these fab looks thanks to the kind folks at Amazon Fashion!

1. Keeping It Edgy Like Anushka Manchanda

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This leggy, gorgeous powerhouse of vocal talent stays true to her rock-chic image in a crop top and slit skirt - flaunting her long legs, lean arms, and washboard abs. If you want to borrow some of Manchanda’s swag, we sourced this similar crop top and skirt! You’re welcome, ladies!

2. Easy And Breezy Like PC

2. Fashionable musicians

Bollywood megastar, Hollywood debutante and a singer with a couple of hit songs under her belt - Priyanka Chopra juggles her many avatars with amazing ease! We love the cute yet glam blue skater dress she favoured for this photo-op. And yes, we’ve got a similar dress for the aspiring Piggy Chops in you!

3. Curvy and Flawless Like Demi Lovato

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Bootylicious Demi Lovato is a poster-girl for body confidence and feminine power! And we love her in these high-waisted shorts that do amazing things for her curves. For all those who love their curves just like they love Demi, we’ve sourced chic and classy high-waisted shorts that’ll leave you feeling like a bombshell!

4. Sparkle Like Taylor Swift

4. Fashionable musicians

We’re so thankful to Taylor Swift for bringing sequins back in style, and we love her in this disco-ball of a dress. For your next party or evening of club-hopping, rock some of T-Swift’s charm in this sparkler of a dress!

5. Pretty In Pink Like Selena Gomez

5. Fashionable musicians

We love Selena, we love pink dresses, and when you combine the two - how could we possibly resist? In this hot pink cocktail dress, Selena is all kinds of stunning! And lucky for you, we found this amazing pink number for you to turn heads in!

6. Tease Like Ariana Grande

6. Fashionable musicians

The sultry songstress with the voice of an angel - Miss Grande’s music and style are all the rage across the world! And she flawlessly balances sweet and sexy in this peek-a-boo number that offers a veiled, tantalising look at her legs. And for the next time you want to sport a cute yet sexy look, this dress could be the answer to your #KyaPehnu question.

7. Pack A Punch Like Rita Ora

7. Fashionable musicians

We love how BOSS Rita Ora looks in this navy blazer. She effortlessly shows us how being powerful and being feminine are kinda synonymous. For when you want to exude power like Miss Ora, give this blazer a shot!

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