7 Fashion Mistakes We All Make (Here’s How To Avoid Them!)

7 Fashion Mistakes We All Make (Here’s How To Avoid Them!)
A fashion mistake isn’t necessarily wearing a disastrous outfit, but little things we all do that are hampering our style. What’s the point of putting together a great ensemble when the little things can bring it down? With the help of the kind folks at Amazon Fashion, we give you some of the most common fashion mistakes we all make, in our bid to ensure you look nothing short of fabulous always. Never again will you have to wonder - #KyaPehnu

1. You Believe A Loose Style Is Flattering

1. fashion mistakes to avoid loose styles

Not all of us are blessed with a skinny frame, a not-so-flat belly and love handles are pretty much the bane of our existence. But if you thought a loose top or dress would help conceal your problems, then yeah, that could be true - but nobody said they will flatter you. A loose style can actually make you look bigger than you are and can be super unflattering. Instead, an empire-waist style will never do you wrong. The area just below your bust is the smallest part of your torso so a waistband that sits here, above your natural waist will actually make you look slimmer.

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2. You Think Sexy Means Revealing Skin

2. fashion mistakes to avoid sexy

Nope! Flaunting oodles of cleavage, too-tight dresses and super short skirts does not necessarily translate to sexy. Sexy also means classy. You can be a hell of a lot sexier in a well-fitted dress with sleeves, a silk blouse and skinny jeans, or a curve-hugging pencil skirt. You can be sexy in just about anything as long as you’re comfortable - because confidence is the only accessory you need to be sexier than ever.

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3. You Only Wear Low-Rise Pants

3. fashion mistakes to avoid low rise

With low hanging pants - you run the risk of them sliding too low when you sit, every girl knows how annoyingly embarrassing that can be! Did you know that high-waisted pants are super flattering and also look incredibly chic. They help give the illusion of a longer, leaner frame. High-rise skinny jeans that hit your ankle or a classic pair of high-waisted black trousers are universally flattering.

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4. Wearing Too Much Bling

4. fashion mistakes to avoid accessorize

Accessorizing is key to really make an outfit pop but we’ve all gotten a bit carried away with thick chains, dangling earrings and bangles at some point. Remember that less is more. You can never go wrong with a dainty necklace, simple bracelets or classic studs in your ears. It may sound too simple but at least you don’t run the risk of looking like a Christmas tree.

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5.  Being Too Matchy-Matchy

5. fashion mistakes to avoid matchy matchy

Matching your dress with your bags and shoes can be a bit much. If you’re a bit unsure what to pair with a pop-coloured top or dress, always stick to the neutrals. You can’t go wrong with brown, black or nude.

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6. Wearing Too Much Black

6. fashion mistakes to avoid too much black

Do you often find yourself reaching for your black pants, no-fail black dress or goes-with-everything black shoes? Well, get out of that rut and start taking more fashion risks. If the colour-blocking rage taught us anything, it was that pairing bright colours with each other is actually quite simple and can help you score plenty of style points. Those hot pink heels, that sunshine yellow bag, or that red skirt are just waiting to be taken for a spin.

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7. You Think Only Tall Girls Can Wear Maxi Skirts

7. fashion mistakes to avoid maxi skirt

If you believe the rule that short girls can’t wear maxi skirts, then we’re ready to prove you wrong. Maxi skirts are stylish, can be worn for just about any occasion and are incredibly comfy. They’re literally a fashion savior when you don’t want to wear your skinny jeans nor do you want to slip on a short dress. Just make sure it’s a straight fit, without pleats or ruffles to help elongate your frame. Wear it with a top that fits you well and tuck it in.

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