15 Reasons Every Girl Needs A Gujju Friend!

15 Reasons Every Girl Needs A Gujju Friend!
If there’s one thing we Indians know for certain, it’s that you can’t escape your Gujarati friends! It doesn’t matter whether you live within India or not, the chances are that you have at least one Gujju friend. We give you a few things you’ll totally get if you have a Gujarati friend. Saras Che!

1. They Travel In Packs

They travel the world with their entire clan in tow. In case your friend forgot to tell you she was vacationing in Europe last month, all her cousins and relatives tagging her in numerous pictures from their ‘phorun’ travels is a sure teller.

your friend is a Gujrati

2. You Now Know What Jain Chicken Is

Chicken without onions, yaar!

3. Your Social Circle Has Doubled

Gujjus are related to almost everyone and are friends of friends with the rest. Thanks to them and their extended family, your social circle has multiplied in the past few years. You still can’t understand how they manage to stay connected and maintain close relationships with SO many people at all times.

4. You Will Never Go Hungry

Whether you’re travelling together or just drop by their house, you’re sure to be presented with a feast of khakdas, theplas, fafdas, dhoklas and undhiyu. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night it is. Yum!

Gujarati friend

5. When You Need Money Advice…

If there’s anybody who understands the stock market it’s a Gujju. Wondering where to invest your cash? Have a question about Sensex? They’re the only people you need to call.

6. Wallet Parking Che?

You even understand their own form of English now and don’t even bat an eyelid when you hear such things anymore.

your friend is a Gujrati

7. They Are Spread All Over The Planet

All your Gujarati friends have NRI cousins and uncles living all over the world. The Gujju community is widespread - UK, US and beyond!

8. Their Bargaining Skills Are Unmatched

She’s the friend you want to take along when you go street shopping. She’ll haggle away and won’t back down till you get a gorgeous dress for half the price. It’s a skill that they’re born with.

9.  Navratri Is Their Sunburn

Sunburn, prom – whatever you want to call it. Even your friend with the most conservative parents is allowed to stay out all night dancing during garba season.

Gujarati friend

10.  Your Vocabulary Has Expanded

They love to speak in Gujarati no matter where they are, so much so that it’s rubbed off on you. Kem cho, avjo, majama, su kare che – it’s all part of your daily lingo now.

11. You Will Never Stop Teasing Them About The G-U-J-J-U Song

That scene from Kal Ho Na Ho will forever go down in history.

your friend is a Gujrati

12. Their Weddings Are Like No Other

Want to catch up on the latest gossip? Just attend a Gujju wedding and you’re sure to be up-to-date with everything you need to know and more. Plus, it’s quite fascinating how they’re all married to cousins of cousins or aunt’s sister’s sons. It’ll help you understand better how they’re such a strong community.

13. You Can Borrow Their Colourful Clothes

You’re never short of a desi wardrobe when you’re friends with a Gujju. Bandhani dupattas, backless chanya cholis  and all those beads and mirror work are what you should borrow whenever you’re inspired by Deepika’s outfits in Ram Leela.

your friend is a Gujrati

14. They’re Not Insulting Their ‘Mota’ Relatives

Ever heard your friend call her relatives mota kaka or mota bhai? No they’re not calling them fat, ‘mota’ means elder in Gujarati. Respect che.

15. You Have A Whole New Festival To Look Forward To

Kite flying day has become an important day in your calendar. No, even if you don’t know how to fly a kite, you can drink, be merry and party all day and night on your friend’s terrace with the colourful sky as a fantastic backdrop.

your friend is a Gujrati

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