Punjabi vs Sindhi: Who’s Got The Most SWAG?!

Punjabi vs Sindhi: Who’s Got The Most SWAG?!

Patiala Salwaar or blingy lehengas?! Butter chicken or Dal Pakwaan? Check out this Punjabi vs Sindhi debate to find out what they LOVE about themselves across various categories! (And tell us, who do YOU think wins this battle?!)

1. The Shaadi Story  

Punjabi Girl: There ain’t no shaadi like a Punjabi shaadi. Well, after all, we are the ones who did invent the ONLY universal shaadi dance known to the world - Bhangra! And you have to admit that everyone other wedding party loves dancing to Punjabi songs too!

punjabis and sindhis

Sindhi Girl: The decor, the music, the open bar, the clothes, the FOOD... Everything is super grand! Oh and we end the rituals pretty quickly... More time to drink and party!

punjabis and sindhis

2. Food For Thought

Punjabi Girl: Butter chicken, Dal makhani, Butter naan, Sarson ka saag (with homemade white butter of course)... Need we say anymore?!

Sindhi Girl: Dal Pakwaan, Sindhi kadhi, Koki (crispier version of an onion parantha), aloo took, sai Bhaaji, boondi raita, and the papads!! A much needed change from the boring old chicken and naan, no?  

3. Friends And Family!

Punjabi Girl: We’re adored by our friends and family. We may be loud and even super emotional, but our families are just so loving and generous! From cheering them up, to having the “coolest” playlist for parties and of course arranging for the car-o-bar at weddings, there is nothing us Punjabis wouldn’t do for our friends.

punjabis and sindhis

Sindhi Girl: Sindhis are known to live in big, joint families, so having loads of close friends comes naturally to us! Our friends love us for the warm and fun people we are. Besides, we’re like the most chamakdaar friends people can have!

punjabis and sindhis

4. Fashion Diaries

Punjabi Girl: Patiala salwars, parandis and juttis. I mean who doesn’t love our comfy (yet pretty) clothes and shoes!! No one ever thought they looked bad in a Patiala salwar and juttis. Come on!

Sindhi Girl: We might be known as the most “blingy” families but that’s only cuz we manage to pull off those gorgeous lehengas and saris, coupled with some diamond rocks here and there. If you got it, flaunt it right? :P

5. Super Padosis

Punjabi Girl: We’re the people you come to when you’re out of sugar, salt, butter, dhaniya and dahi! The most helpful, always there (sometimes even if you don't us to get involved) kind of neighbours.

punjabis and sindhis

Sindhi Girl: We’re the ones who will help you out in a problem, even if it’s late at night. But we do respect everyone’s space.

punjabis and sindhis

6. Festivals For The Win?

Punjabi Girl: The festive season in Punjabi households is always fun. There is an overflow of food and drinks and just so much gup shup with everyone getting together for the festivities. Never a dull moment!

Sindhi Girl: From the yummy food on Thadri to the to sweet rice on Shivratri, if there is one thing Sindhi festivals are all about... It’s FOOD! And we have our own version of the Karwa Chauth, Teejri!

7. The Love Of Life

Punjabi Girl: We LOVE life. So much that we even make our sad songs sound fun! Anyone who’s heard “Oh ho ho ho” will know what we’re talking about!!

Sindhi Girl: Hey, we love living on a grand scale and totally enjoying every moment. And guess what? We can laugh about ourselves too - no one knows how to take a joke as a Sindhi does!!

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