#BridalBudget: Where To Spend, Where To Save!

#BridalBudget: Where To Spend, Where To Save!
Weddings mean shopping, more shopping and then some more shopping! It’s awesome fun but not when you get sticker shock just by stepping into a showroom. Don’t udaao your moolah - you're not going to wear those heavy clothes and jewellery ever again! So, let’s play a round of SAVE, SPEND, SPLURGE for your wedding shopping!

SPLURGE on vanity kit

Sticky, chappy, bad quality bleeding makeup. Naaah. Invest in cosmetics from the best brands on products best suited to your skin. But, buy the smaller sizes or you’ll be throwing out unused, expired products later.

SPEND on wedding jewellery

Ask yourself if you’ll ever wear that heavy gold set again? Like everrrr?! No, right? Shop smart and invest in a basic jewellery set for the wedding day. Layer it with semi-precious jewels, kundan, minakari etc. Plus, layering is totally in right now!

SAVE on the 21 saris

Mums have this funny thing for 21 saris in the wedding trousseau. Break the norm. You’ll never need those, especially the super-fancy ones. Plus, mummy is not going to be around to pleat it for you! Saris are the one thing you can really save on. And save big.

SPLURGE on salwar suits instead

Dinner invites. First year festivals and ceremonies. Your calendar is going to be packed and you don’t want to be in a ‘I Have Nothing To Wear’ situation. Suits are easy, quick and go with any occasion. Splurge on anarkalis, straight suits, suits with trousers or palazzos to strut your stuff!

SPEND on footwear

Your footwear won’t even be visible under the layers of your lehenga and yet you want to splurge on a pair of Jimmy Choos? Not good. Spend instead on a pair of good quality heels that’ll let you move around comfortably. Opt for gold or silver so you can team it up with more than just one outfit.

SAVE on mehendi outfit

We absolutely lurvee the mehendi function. So many pretty vibrant colors! And just so you know, it’s quite easy to score a budget friendly mehendi outfit. Just takes some kickass styling tricks. Plus, you can never be too sure that your outfit won't be stained with all that henna.

SPLURGE on trousseau jewellery

’Cause a nice piece of jewellery can make all the difference. You’ve heard this before: the right accessory can instantly lift your look. So splurge on a classy pair of danglers or the diamond studs you’ve always wanted, a gorgeous handcuff or a statement neckpiece.

SPEND on the wedding outfit

It should be criminal to splurge like mad on a wedding dress. It’s a one-night outfit to be packed away and stashed away. DON’T lose it on this one girls! Spend but don’t go overboard. Have a budget and stick to it. Spending your months of salary on one outfit. Not cool!

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