#HeSays: 7 Things That Are Big Turn-Offs For Guys | POPxo
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#HeSays: 7 Things That Are Big Turn-Offs For Guys

#HeSays: 7 Things That Are Big Turn-Offs For Guys

From super-short texts to toilet humour, we know there are plenty of things that you ladies don’t like much about guys. But while we work our way through them, we do want you to keep a few things in mind for our sake too - here’s a list of things that many girls do that guys don’t really like. #JustSaying!

1. Whining through the whole conversation

Of course we want to know if your day went badly, and we’re totally ready to sympathize. But that can’t be the only thing we talk about! Ask us about our day too, please, and let’s also discuss the nice and fun things you have going on in your life? what turns guys off 1

2. Wearing too much perfume and makeup

Yes, we like it when you smell nice and look all pretty. But too much of anything is not a great idea. A whiff of a delicate perfume is great; but if you smell like a whole garden full of flowers, that’s a tad overwhelming. And while we love the smoky eyes and red lips when you’re dressing up, if there’s so much stuff on your face that we barely recognize you - that’s a problem!

3. Always being late

We get that traffic is pretty bad everywhere, and sometimes you might get stuck at work or even run a little late while getting ready. After all, there are times when we run late too. But if you’re late all the time, it just makes us feel like you don’t value our time. No one likes to be kept waiting for hours on end.

4. Blowing hot and cold

Please don’t give us mixed signals! We hate the push-and-pull that comes with you being nice to us one moment and being curt the next - it’s confusing and, honestly, rather unpleasant. If you’re unhappy about something, just tell us already instead of going all cold-shoulder on us.  

what turns guys off 4

5. Criticizing people constantly

Yeah, we all like to bitch about people every now and then. But if you’re constantly critical about other people (including your friends and ours) that just feels very negative. Also, it makes us wonder about how much you criticize us in front of other people, which is really not a great place to be in.

6. Discussing another guy all the time

When you’re hanging out with us, if you talk constantly about other guys - whether it’s about them being really cool or how much you enjoy their company - what is that about? Is it supposed to make us feel jealous or appreciate how popular you are? What it really ends up doing is making us feel annoyed. Basically, if you like those guys so much, shouldn’t you be hanging out with them instead?

7. Super-invasive questions

Yes, we know you’re probably just curious. And “What did you get up to yesterday?” is fine. But what’s not fine is “Who were you with? Who else was there? How long were you there?” - that’s basically an interrogation! Ladies, no one likes to feel like they have to account for every moment of every day to someone else. Start the conversation and give us space - and we’ll probably tell you everything you want to know without you even having to ask!
what turns guys off 7 Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST READ: #HeSays: 10 Unexpected Things Guys Notice About Girls! MUST READ: #HeSays: 11 Compliments Your Guy Secretly Wants From You!
Published on Nov 16, 2015
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