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What Turning 25 Is REALLY Like!


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Turning 25 is a pretty big deal... Not only are you entitled to officially have a quarter life crisis but you can also drink legally for the first time ever! Coincidence?! We think not! Here's what 25 looks like in reality vs what we thought it would be like!

1. Falling in love

I thought I would be married by twenty five. Honestly, I even had a pretty solid plan. Meet the guy around 22, get married and be looking to have my first kid. Why?! So that by the time I'm 50 my kids would be 25 and ready to look after me, ha! What a planner ... In reality - I'm single and still enjoying those times when I mingle! Teehee!

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2. Career, career, career

For those of you who have read this article, you'll be no stranger to the struggles of being part of the "y" generation. To put it in short - I thought I would be president of the world at 25 or at least en route to partner at a law firm, an accomplished doctor or even won my first Oscar (hey, J-law did it)! In reality, I work at a company I love! I get to write and share my opinions with the world and have some pretty great colleagues too. I also got to take a year out and qualify as a pastry chef, travel through the States and start my masters in drama! I'm learning to understand that success doesn't come in the shiny box I thought it would - but that doesn't mean it is any less!

3. It's not all black and white!

To be honest, I never ever, ever thought I would go grey! I thought life and I had a plan and we would stick to it as such! However in the last year I have found 8 - yes, 8 - silver strands making their home on top of my head! (I freaked out and dyed them and now sport a few purple streaks in my hair - each to their own, right?!)

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4. Hello, homeowner

En route to the White House, my dreams also envisioned having enough money to buy my own little abode by now. This isn't the case and I actually still live at home with my parents. You know what, though?! I wouldn't have it any other way! Which brings me to my next point...

5. Family matters

Something my teenage years didn't prepare me for was how close I would feel to my parents and extended family as time went on. I think my twenties have taught me, more than anything, that time with the family is time well spent! Plus, they no longer treat you like a kid so it's a chance to get to know them all over again!

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6. The BIG birthday

Like I said, 25 is a big one! I thought I would have the world's biggest party, call everyone I know and celebrate the last official year of "youth"! Honestly, I want to have a big party but not to celebrate the end of any era - just to celebrate another year of being me! There are changes, that's for sure ... But they're kind of exciting if you embrace them!

7. Perspective?

Like they say, "Life moves pretty fast, and if you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it!" I think 25 is a good time to be a bit reflective, maybe not even consciously - but just absorb a few things that are happening. It's finally a time where we have enough relevant life experience to maybe gain some further understanding of ourselves as a whole.

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8. Fake it, till you make it!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not giving any gyaaan - especially being a Sagittarius, I'm still trying to figure out my elbow from my ahem ... a$*, but I am also beginning to realise that being ME is the best possible thing that I could be, and accepting my flaws, imperfections and insecurities is just as important as celebrating my successes and how far I've come along!

So chin up, ladies - there's a whole lotta life left in us yet! Here's to the next quarter… May it be as fabulous as you are and always have been!

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Published on Nov 30, 2015
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