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What’s Your Secret Source Of Happiness? Your Zodiac Says...

What’s Your Secret Source Of Happiness? Your Zodiac Says...
Happiness means different things to different people. Interestingly, your star sign has special take on that too. There are a handful of things that brighten up each sign’s day, and being a part of that positive energy makes a powerful impact on their lives. Eager to know what makes your sign happy? Read on to find out!


You love being praised for your accomplishments. When people make time for you, you are on cloud 9. You like being surrounded by good company, people who are on the same mental wavelength as you. You are also competitive by nature. A healthy competition is something you’re always game for. Eyes on the prize has always been your main motto. Keep it up!
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After a hard day at work, you love to relax all by yourself. Reading, listening to music, watching your favourite sitcoms and catching up with loved ones is what you favour the most. You like spending quality time with yourself. Since you’re a hard worker, getting pampered and receiving compliments for your work also gives you a glow of happiness. what makes you happy


You’re an energy giver, Gemini. Making other people happy is what gives you happiness. The power to cheer people up has always been your secret talent. There’s never a dull moment when you’re around. You take life as it comes. You also find immense pleasure when you’re able to click and talk to people who share the same ideologies as you. A healthy debate and conversation gives your soul solace. what makes you happy


Whenever people are in difficult situation, the first person that comes to their mind is YOU! You take pride and find happiness in being someone’s hero and making their problems go away. You’re not only a great listener, you also feel on top of the world when people trust you with their emotions. what makes you happy


You’re practically everyone’s favourite - and that’s something that makes you super happy! People love being around you because you’re full of good vibes and energy. You can never stay in one place for too long, spontaneity is in your blood! Giving surprises and receiving them has always made you feel a special glow of happiness.
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Although you may never show it, but internally there’s a strong urge to feel loved and accepted by others. You are the happiest when people express their love for you and shower you with attention. You also enjoy partying! It takes your mind off all your worries and makes you feel good about yourself again. what makes you happy


Positive vibes from people and places gives you a happy high, Libra! You love it when strangers treat you well and compliment your work often. You like surrounding yourself with people who inspire you and help you grow. You seek solace when you’re alone too. Getting to know yourself better makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. what makes you happy


Someone who has a great level of understanding brings out the happiness in you. You admire people with intellect and find yourself satisfied when they’re able to hold a conversation with you. When you do find someone who shares your thoughts and goals, you allow them into your private circle. These very people in your life are responsible of putting that big smile on that beautiful face of yours. what makes you happy


You have a light spirit and you’re on a constant hunt for adventure. Travelling and chilling with a your favourite peeps makes you get the best sleep at night! No one can pin you down, because exploring the world makes your soul feel complete. When you walk into a party, you bring life with you. Enjoying every moment of life is an opportunity you never miss, and that is exactly what gives you satisfaction.
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When your mind is set on a goal, no one can come in between. You enjoy success and take on every challenge like a sport. You never give up even when under pressure. This very quality the universe appreciates and rewards you for all the hard work you’ve put in. In short, achieving your goals with precision is your source of happiness. what makes you happy


Helping others is what gives you peace of mind. No matter how big or small the issue is, if you love someone, you’ll have their back no matter what. Deep down, you also fancy a person who is blessed with wit and humour. They make you feel complete and reason to look forward to the next day. It’s in communing with such people that you find bliss. what makes you happy


Not everyone understands life through your eyes; and finding someone who does click with you on all levels is like finding a pearl in an oyster. People who get your thoughts and feelings with just a single glance makes you feel like you’ve found your soulmate! Hold on to these people we say! They’re the ones that make your journey through life a memorable and happy experience. what makes you happy Image: Shutterstock, Giphy MUST-READ: Do You Have a Dark Side? This is What Your Zodiac Says! MUST-READ: What Do You Obsess Over? This Is What Your Zodiac Says…