What Is It About YOU That Attracts People? Your Zodiac Says…

What Is It About YOU That Attracts People? Your Zodiac Says…
We each have something in us that attracts others to us. Is it our passionate nature or sense of adventure? Let’s see what attracts others to you - according to your zodiac sign...


You, Aries, are known to be a go getter and fiercely independent by nature. You’re not one to give up easily and are full of optimism. Your enthusiastic nature and open heartedness is what attracts others to you.

aries  what makes you attractive


Your patience is something people look up to, Taurus. You’re known to be kind and loyal. Once you make up your mind about something, you do not give up on it easily. Your generous and highly dependable nature is what attracts others to you!

taurus  what makes you attractive


You, Gemini, know how to adapt in any situation. Your versatile and spontaneous nature makes you extremely exciting and interesting as a person. Your wit and energetic vibe is what attracts others to you!

gemini  what makes you attractive


You are extremely appreciative of the people who are there for you, Cancer, and you are not afraid to show it. You make everyone around you feel extremely loved and cared for. Your helpful, loyal and straightforward nature is what attracts others to you.

cancer what makes you attractive


You, Leo, are an ambitious one. You dream big and stop at nothing to achieve them. You are sensitive but good at hiding it under the panache with which you carry yourself. Your confidence and charm is what attracts others to you!

leo  what makes you attractive


You, Virgo, are very observant! You notice every little thing that goes on around you and are very organised in the way you act. You like things done a specific way, but are open to adapting when necessary. There is however no one who is as helpful as you! Your reliability is what attracts others to you.

virgo  what makes you attractive


You’re an idealist, Libra. You like there to be peace all around you. Conflict and confrontation is something you like to stay away from. Your grace, friendly nature and desire for peace is what attracts others to you.

Libra  what makes you attractive


You, Scorpio, are ambitious and determined, but also very compassionate. You never let a kind deed go unnoticed. And you have a dynamic personality which hardly goes unnoticed. However, your passion in life is what stands out and attracts others to you.

scorpio  what makes you attractive


You are open minded and seek adventure, Sagittarius! You are fiercely independent and enjoy your freedom. You are extremely encouraging and supportive of those you love. Your positivity and happy nature is what attracts others to you.

sagittarius  what makes you attractive


You, Capricorn, are a people person! You get along with most people you meet with natural ease. You are extremely resourceful and are always there for your close ones when they need you. Your large heartedness and empathetic nature is what attracts people to you.

capricorn  what makes you attractive


You have a highly imaginative and inventive mind, Aquarius. You are your own leader and don’t like to follow in anyone’s shadow. You like to do things in an original manner and are not afraid to be yourself. This is what attracts others to you!

aquarius  what makes you attractive


You, Pisces, believe in the power of forgiving and moving on. You don’t like to hold on to grudges and are very accepting of everyone. Your compassion and sensitivity towards people is what attracts others to you!

what makes you attractive

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