#ScienceSays: THIS Is What Makes You Attractive To Other People!

#ScienceSays: THIS Is What Makes You Attractive To Other People!
Attraction can be a weird yet intriguing thing. A certain aura that you project when you enter a room or meet people... that acts like a magnet drawing people’s attention to you. This magnetism that we project, or rather, have, has got a lot more attached to it than just looks. Think about how you have a pressing crush on someone but your friend doesn’t find that person just as attractive. Ever wondered why? Here’s science answering that for you by shedding some light on the things that make you attractive to other people!

1. Your sense of humour is irresistible

We love having a good laugh - whether it’s over something silly or sarcastic. That is very same reason we go back to our favorite movies that make us laugh or we keep watching the same funny YouTube video over and over again. Having a jolly good personality with a good sense of humour and the ability to make others laugh automatically makes a person attractive.

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2. Your energy is contagious

Have you ever met someone who is so energetic and so full of life that those vibes pass on to you? Our brains have a very short attention span so we tend to remember people with positive and lively energy. We are unconsciously drawn to people with that positive aura around them. It just feels kind of nice to be around them.

3. It’s delightful when you’re weird

It’s alright to fit in and conform to a certain workplace or group, but it’s attractive when you stay rooted to your own rules and wacky ways. Studies have proven that people find non-conformists and people who don’t give a damn about what others might think more attractive than people who conform. So carve yourself away from the mundane a little bit and dance away to the beat of your own drums...you free spirit, you!

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4. Your scent is captivating

Smell is one of the senses that has a huge impact on how we feel about about a certain thing. When you smell pleasant, it makes you more appealing and attractive. In fact, smell has a high recall value too - for instance, a particular smell will have you reminiscing about a person or incident.

5. It’s enchanting when you have a good heart

Compassion - the strongest emotion and something so valuable in a person- whether that person is you or someone else. Having a compassionate heart and genuinely doing things that makes even the slightest difference in a tough situation…makes a person likeable and attractive without considering who or where you are in life at the moment.

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6. Your confidence is alluring

Having the ability to carry yourself with ease no matter the time or situation is so alluring. Even if you’re not dressed your best or you didn’t get time to even look at the mirror, if you can hold your head high and not be insecure? Kudos to you! Research has shown that people are drawn to people who are more secure about who they are and are not afraid to flaunt it. So go ahead, girl, ‘cause damn that’s sexy!

7. Your eyes are magnetic

They say you can see the world through a woman’s eyes. Eyes are without doubt the most intriguing features in a woman’s face and the ability to have a stable eye contact is oh so attractive. Your eyes say more than your words ever will.

what makes you attractive

8. Your intelligence is sexy

Ever heard of sapio-sexuals? Yes, people who think intelligence is the most attractive feature in a person. And rightly so! There have been numerous kinds of research which show that people are drawn to someone who is intelligent and who can hold a conversation longer. Our brains are curious, knowledge-hungry things...so we naturally leans towards people who can satisfy that hunger.

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