10 Reasons There Ain’t No Girl Like A Scorpio Girl!!

10 Reasons There Ain’t No Girl Like A Scorpio Girl!!
There’s a nip in the air and festive season has just about arrived...but you know the best part? It’s Scorpio season! It’s time to bring out the champagne and celebrate the most enigmatic sign of the zodiac. So whether you are a Scorpion or you love a Scorpion (great taste, by the way); join me in raising a toast to this awesome and passionate breed of women!

1. She likes to keep it real

In a world filled with fake people and superficial relationships, Scorpions stand out, for they always like to keep things real. They have no patience for pretence and expect everyone in their lives to be real and honest just the way they are.

1 scorpion woman

2. She’s sexy as hell!

If you’ve ever cared enough to notice...Scorpio is always described as the most sexy sign in the zodiac! Scorpions have a natural charm and magnetic energy, which they may or may not choose to show you. But it’s there and it’s always been there. That’s the real kind of sexy, no? When you don’t even have to try!

2 scorpion woman

3. She’s loyal to a fault

Scorpions take loyalty very, VERY seriously. They almost sound old-worldly when they talk of loyalty and the importance of being loyal.

3 scorpion woman

4. She’s protective of those in her life

Scorpions have an innate need to protect all those who they love. This need is sometimes misunderstood even, but they will go to any extent to ensure that their loved ones aren’t hurt. Oh, and God save you if you wrong someone important to a Scorpion. Heard of the infamous Scorpion sting? Yeah, let's leave it at that.

4 scorpion woman

5. She’s passionate like you wouldn’t believe!

Scorpions are also known to be the most passionate sign in the Zodiac. Once they set their eyes on something, they will go to any extent to make that dream materialize. We are suddenly reminded of why they are so friggin’ sexy! After all, there’s nothing sexier than ambition and making your dreams come true!

5 scorpion woman

6. She doesn’t believe in TMI!

TMI or Too Much Information just isn’t Scorpio style. They are typically secretive and will reveal even simple things only once they know you a little better. That’s perhaps what makes getting to know a Scorpio feel like such a privilege!

6 scorpion woman

7. She’s got (oodles of) self-respect.

Every woman should have self-respect, and that’s just what Scorpions believe.  They hold on to their own very dearly and that’s why they have an extremely heightened sense of right and wrong.

7 scorpion woman

8. She loves commitment!

Let’s be real - the kind of world we live in today, people who love commitment are actually rare. But seriously, if you want to date a Scorpion prepare to be in a committed relationship. Even in a general, non-romantic sense, they love long, meaningful relationships and surround themselves with the ones that count.

8 scorpion woman

9. She’s got an amazing memory

Much like an elephant, Scorpions will never forget a kind deed you ever did for them! They will have gratitude in their heart forever for you and will gladly return the favour much later in life too. On the flipside, though, if you have wronged a Scorpio they will never forget that either. They may even appear to move on, but will never forget what you did and it will always be deep down in their hearts.

9 scorpion woman

10. She’s gifted!

From the gift of intuition (most Scorpions are super intuitive, and yes, they just have super accurate ‘feelings’ about things) to the gift of being natural charmers (they are known to be super entertaining and have a great sense of humour… Scorpions are gifted and badass and awesome all at once! And God knows the world could use more of that. ;-)

10 scorpion woman

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