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What The Hell Is The Y-Zone?! Why Should You Take Care Of It?

What The Hell Is The Y-Zone?! Why Should You Take Care Of It?
We’ve all heard of the T-zone - that pesky area that includes the forehead, nose and chin and usually has a different skin type from the rest of your face. But what on earth is the Y-zone? You’d be surprised to know that the Y-zone or the lower half of the face (including your chin, jaw and neckline) contributes to an older appearance and adds years to your age due to loose, sagging skin. Shocked? We were too! Most of us tend to ignore our Y-zone and hence we end up looking older than we really are. Not anymore! We’ve put together a list of reasons you NEED to take care of your Y-zone and some of the most effective methods to strengthen and firm it!

1. Getting The Basics Right

anti-ageing for your neck

The first step to taking care of your Y-zone is to get the very basic steps correct. Whenever you apply any product on your face, neck or jawline, massage it in an upward, circular motion. This activates pressure points and prevents your skin from sagging. Use a serum that has firming and lifting properties to reap the most benefits of this motion.

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2. Use The Right Product

Keeping your youthful appearance intact can be a painful job. Not every anti-ageing cream will correct and lift the jawline and neck area and thus using the right kind of product is very essential. Use one that targets that area specifically to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

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3. Massaging Is The Key

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Yes, your neck and jawline deserve a massage too! This invigorates the cells in the area and gives your Y-zone a younger appearance. If you’re too lazy to massage the area yourself, use a massager with a built-in serum dispenser.

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4. Even Your Face Cleanser Should Target Problems

You heard that right! Your face cleanser shouldn’t just be any face wash that cleans your face. If you have pimples, you will use a face wash that targets pimples. So when you have a Y-zone that requires attention, opt for a cleanser that has anti-ageing benefits to target the problem.

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5. What’s Your Cell Number?

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An important fact about anti-ageing is that cell regeneration is the key. Even while you sleep, your products should be taking care of your skin. A night cream that encourages the production of collagen to give you smooth, soft skin is a must.

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