rough drying

WTF Is Rough Drying?! Should You Be Trying It?

Apurva Lama

Guest Contributor

If you want a salon style blow dry at home but it seems a little impractical to visit your hairdresser every time you go out, then say hello to this hair drying technique that will become your new best friend! It is called rough drying, and it’s an easy way to get that salon style hair at home. All you need is your blow dryer and your fingers. Nope, not even your hair brush!

rough drying

How do you rough dry your hair?

  1. After washing your hair, pull up small sections of your hair with your fingers and blast the blowdryer on your roots from a distance.

  2. To get a voluminous curly mane, finger comb your hair upwards and blow dry it with your dryer pointed at an angle of 45 degrees. The dryer should basically be on the underside of that particular section of hair.

  3. For a more sleeker look, keep pulling your hair with your fingers downwards and blow dry it in one direction.

  4. Follow this until your hair is completely dry and you’re satisfied with the end result.

Easy, right? We told you!

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Published on Nov 24, 2015
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