#HeSays: 7 Things Girls Should Know About A Guy’s Body!

#HeSays: 7 Things Girls Should Know About A Guy’s Body!
Ladies, not all guys are comfortable talking about our bodies. You know how reticent most of us guys are when it comes to talking about our emotions - then imagine how difficult it must be for us to discuss our vulnerabilities with you too. So here's putting down a few things that guys do think and feel about their own bodies, but rarely talk about!

1. We have conflicted feelings about our bodies too

Some of us think we're too thin, some of us think we're too fat. Not muscular enough, not being very tall, being so tall that people call us bean poles. All of that. It's not just girls who worry about their bodies. We care about how we look!

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2. We have a very involved relationship with facial hair

We like experimenting. Sometimes we grow beards, sometimes we try a different style of moustache. We’re acutely conscious about this stuff, and can feel a bit upset if you tease us too much about our stubble (or the lack thereof).

3. And we worry quite a bit about baldness

Male pattern baldness. Three of the scariest words in the English language. Especially if our dads / uncles go bareheaded with age. So if we're losing hair, we begin to worry about incipient bald patches and stuff. A receding hairline is one of our deepest, darkest fears.

4. We’re kind of sensitive about our, uh, size

Um. Many guys worry about whether girls will think they're “big enough” - it's with age and growing confidence in ourselves that we stop worrying. Please be gentle on our feelings!

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5. And the penis is not our only erogenous zone

It's the most obvious spot (of course), and if you pay us any attention at all down there we can't help but be turned on. But please feel free to explore the rest of our bodies as well - we’re unexpectedly sensitive in other places too. Ears, neck, back - we all have our sweet spots.

6. As much as we love sex, we don’t want to do it ALL the time

It’s true - some days we really don’t feel like it. Especially if we’re tired or stressed over something. Even if our bodies might be willing, our minds might not - or vice versa. Those are the days when we’d rather cuddle than go at it.

7. We love it when you tell us you like our bodies

Validation, duh. And it gives us so much happiness to know that you like our bodies despite their flaws (and hopefully because of some of things seem perfect to you). So, if you like it, tell us please!

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