Weird sex dreams and what they want to convey

Weird sex dreams and what they want to convey
We all have sex dreams. And more often than not, we take them at face value. “I cheated in my dream. Does that mean I want to in real life?” But that's not true. Our sex dreams mean and indicate a lot more than we actually think! Here are a few common sex dreams and what they really mean... 

1. Sex with an ex

No, having sex dreams about your ex does not necessarily signify that you still have feelings for him or want to get back to him. It simply means that you’re still subconsciously trying to process what happened with him or where you may have gone wrong in the relationship. Alternatively, if you are in a new relationship, it could also mean that you are feeling in a similar way about your current partner; the way you did about your ex. It could be in a positive way because you are spending more time and getting closer to your current partner, or it could also be negative feelings you felt for your ex in the past. 

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2. Sex with a complete stranger!

Having sex dreams with a complete stranger in your dreams is strangely a sign of self-discovery or personal growth! Interestingly enough, the character of the stranger, or the way a stranger acts in our dreams, reflects the aspect of our life that we need to work on. So if the person you are sexually involved with in your dream seems submissive or very dominating, it could be suggesting that you need to in fact work on those aspects of your own personality. 

3. Cheating on your partner

Sex dreams that you’re cheating on your partner, but it does certainly mean that there are some unresolved issues or feelings you have towards your partner that you need to work out. You could be upset about something he has done, or guilty about keeping something from him. Even if it is harmless.

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4. Your partner is cheating on you

Once again, this does not mean that your partner is actually cheating on you. But, it does indicate that you are, in a sense, feeling neglected, or not cared for enough by your partner. If you get such sex dreams repeatedly, you might be feeling insecure about him leaving you; or having been interested in another woman. These may be issues you need to address in real life. 

5. Same-sex sex!

If you are not gay, having sex dreams with someone who is of the same sex as you does not imply that you are! If it is with a friend, it could signify a rift in your friendship that has made you insecure. It is also about you not being as accepting of yourself as you should be and about working on loving yourself!

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6. Sex with a celebrity

Sex dreams with a celebrity is all about your desire and drive to achieve more success and fame. You could also be identifying with a talent the celebrity has and be wanting to do something with it! 

7. Sex with a friend's partner!

Don’t worry, a wet dream means simple stuff too! It doesn't mean that you actually have feelings for your friend's boyfriend or husband. It means that he has some quality that you admire and look up to and would want to implement in your own life. Or, you could also be wishing for your own partner to have that quality. 

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8. Sex with a friend of the opposite sex

You have a friend that you have a completely platonic relationship with, but you keep having sex dreams with him in it!? Relax, a wet dream means that you have suddenly developed feelings for him. It is largely because he has some skill or talent that your subconscious is working to develop! 

9. Sex with some sort of figure of authority

Whether it's your boss or your professor at college, wet dreams which includes anyone who may have even the slightest bit of authority over you simply signifies that you are subconsciously becoming aware of your ability to make decisions on your own and be the leader of your own life. 

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