What Are Panty Liners? Should You Be Using Them?

What Are Panty Liners? Should You Be Using Them?
We women love to go that extra mile to take care of ourselves and our personal hygiene. However, when it comes to hygiene for our lady parts, we don’t always know what works best. Sure, we have sanitary napkins and tampons, but there are definitely other days when we experience vaginal discharge. This, honestly, can be a little uncomfortable and make you feel icky at times. These are the days when you need panty liners - and here’s everything you need to know about them.

What exactly are panty liners?

Think sanitary pads, but tinier. So tiny and thin that it is invisible even under the thinnest underwear. Liners are designed specifically for personal hygiene and to absorb light vaginal discharge. Like pads, they have sticky adhesive on the back side so it sticks firmly on the panty and causes no discomfort.

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When should you wear them?

Although this is a matter of personal preference and the way a woman’s body functions - which may differ from woman to woman - it is advisable to wear them a few days before and after your period. These are the days when vaginal discharge is higher than normal, and even though this is completely natural, it might leave you feeling uneasy. It is also ideal for days when you have a lot of physical activity to do, for instance, if you’re running or you’re playing sports. A panty liner is perfect for these spotting days and keeps the uncomfortable wetness away.

Is it safe to wear them every day?

There are many of us who wear panty liners on a daily basis because of the comfort and cleanliness factor. However, wearing panty liners every day is NOT recommended as it might lead to suffocation, which in turn leads to bacterial infection. Everyday usage of these liners are known to cause vulvar irritation as well, so make sure you use them only during days when vaginal discharge is likely to be more. When you do wear them, change them every four hours.

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