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10 Ways A Woman’s Body Changes In Her 20s!

10 Ways A Woman’s Body Changes In Her 20s!
You’d think passing teenage meant finally getting over all those weird changes that happen inside our bodies during adolescence, but guess what? Our bodies aren’t done surprising us! Girls, if you are in your 20s, here are 10 ways your body is going to change. So keep an eye on yourself!!

1. Your weight will increase a little every year

But it’s perfectly normal! So don’t get all worried if your previously lean self is suddenly starting to put on weight. It happens mainly because your body fat increases in your twenties from your teenage years.

2. Getting curvy, are we?

In our 20s, we start carrying weight in places we never did before! Metabolic and hormonal changes lead to increase in fat distribution around the hips, thighs and bust - and all this surprising fat distribution gives us our curves, making us look fuller!

body changes in the twenties

3. Your bones keep growing strong as hell

In your twenties, your body is in its strengthening stage, where it is ready to grow as strong as you’d let it be. So keep exercising and keep your calcium and vitamin intake regular to stimulate growth of bone cells - and you’ll be one tough girl!

4. Your periods get a little saner too

Yup, they quit giving you those surprise, unpredictable visits every month, and actually start following a pattern, and become regular. You’re also at your peak fertility during this age in life, even if bearing kids is the last thing on your mind. Just saying!

body changes in the twenties

5. But those wicked cramps sometimes just get worse

Yup, they aren’t done torturing us, it seems. In fact, they might just become worse than your teenage years, because your body starts producing the highest level of the hormone prostaglandin. So when you say your cramps are killing you, you are quite near stating the truth.

6. Adult acne, really?

Like we said, there is a surge in your hormones during your 20s. So with rise in estrogen and progesterone around your menstrual cycle, there may also be a rise in acne. Plus we all grow up in our 20s and don’t step out of homes without make-up, and don’t always take it off either - well, your skin shows your bad habits.

body changes in the twenties

7. Your desire to have sex is at an all-time high

Hormones, again. Makes you crave sex, and with a passion you’ve never experienced before either! Well, we guess, if you’re in your 20s you already know that! *Wink*

8. But you might experience all sorts of problems “down there”

UTIs, yeast and bacterial infections and sometimes STDs too are all common among women who’re in their twenties. But hormones aren’t the only thing to be blamed for this - our lifestyle, full of stress, dehydration aka too much alcohol and poor nutrition are equal convicts here too. Plus, be careful when you’re having sex!

body changes in the twenties

9. A slimmer face, oh yeah!

Had baby fat on your face in your teens? Well, that is gonna melt away as collagen diminishes in your 20s, and you start losing volume in your face, especially the cheeks. Super-model cheekbones? Check.

10. Guess what else loses fat and shapes up? Your labia!

Surprise! Surprise! Your labia or vagina opening also tends to lose fat and appears visibly slimmer. Who thought, right? Plus your vaginal muscles are also super strong in your 20s with an excellent ability to self-lubricate.

body changes in the twenties

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