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Are ALL Your Outfits Looking The Same? 7 Ways To Change That!

Are ALL Your Outfits Looking The Same? 7 Ways To Change That!
Who doesn’t love simple blue jeans and a blouse? It’s comfy and completely fuss-free, but if that’s all you’ve been wearing for as long as you can remember then it’s possible you’ve fallen into a style slump. We’re all for having a signature style, but one that’s not so boring and effortless. If you can’t even remember the last time you wore shoes other than your trusty black ballet flats, then you will definitely relate to these signs that you’re stuck in a fashion rut. We command you go shopping to bring an exciting twist to your wardrobe NOW. Nothing too daring, we promise, but nonetheless chic and stylish.

1. Your Wardrobe Is Filled With Neutral Colours

tips to look stylish everyday

Black, brown, white and gray - anything that you can throw on without worrying about what to pair with it. Yes, you can’t go wrong with these colours but they can get a bit dull after the third or fourth day.

The Fix: Colours bring excitement and are a quick way to perk up your style. Try a cheery shade of yellow, a dash of blue or girly pink, just ditch the black. Trust us, it will even put you in a good mood.

2. Stripes Are The Only Prints You Wear

We love stripes, they’re chic and cute but also very safe. We get it, rocking bold prints is super intimidating sometimes, but you can experiment without going OTT.

The Fix: Did you know stripes are the easiest prints to pair with any other print under the sun? Wear your fave striped top with a cute printed skirt for some no-fail style. Polka dots are another easy print you can try that is so fun.

3. You Can’t Concentrate Because Your Feet Feel Weird In Anything But Your Usual Ballet Flats/ Flip Flops

tips to look stylish everyday

You wear them for every occasion from work to a dressy dinner. Oh and your feet are sporting tan lines thanks to your favourite flip flops.

The Fix: Girl, you need to do yourself a favour and try a pair of heels every now and then or at least wedges. It will make you look taller and your legs super slender - who wouldn’t want that? And if you absolutely cannot wear anything but flats then switch up your ballerinas for a stylish pair of brogues. Try metallic to really elevate your look, plus they can be paired with anything.

4. You’ve Had The Same Accessories For The Last 5 Years

Simple studs are the only thing your ears have been sporting and wearing a thin bracelet is your idea of making a ‘statement’.

The Fix: Boring baubles have the power to make any look flat. Every girl should have the basics – fun bangles, a statement necklace and long earrings - to add an interesting touch to your style.

5. All Your Jeans Look The Same

tips to look stylish everyday

They’re an absolute staple, don’t worry we would never expect you to throw them out. But if you look like you’re wearing the same pair of jeans all the time, when you’re actually not, then you may want to splurge on a few different pairs.

The Fix: Distressed denims, boyfriend jeans, high-waisted, super skinny – the options are endless. You get denims for every occasion and every mood, so go on and update your wardrobe. They’re something that you will get maximum use of.

6. You’ve Taken The Stylishness Of An LBD A Bit Too Seriously

LBDs and white shirts are definitely classics and can come to your rescue on a busy morning or on one of those “I have nothing to wear” evenings, but not when that’s all you can be found in. Well at least 80 percent of the time.

The Fix: It’s time you went through your wardrobe and found that sexy dress your bestie forced you to buy last year or that pretty vintage skirt you picked up on your last holiday but have never worn. Swap the staples for something bright and chic, it will help boost your confidence too. Plan in advance if you need to and avoid that last-minute rush while getting ready.

7. You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Bought A New Bra

tips to look stylish everyday

An ill-fitting bra can ruin a perfectly good look. It’s important to pay attention to how well a bra fits you and how much support it provides - thanks to wear and tear, they do tend to loosen with time.

The Fix: Get yourself measured by a professional; you’ll be surprised by how many women are actually wearing the wrong bra size. Treat yourself to some pretty innerwear - bras that fit perfectly and make you feel gorgeous can help you look fabulous too.

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