What We Actually Think When Someone Speaks With A Fake Accent! | POPxo
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What We Actually Think When Someone Speaks With A Fake Accent!

What We Actually Think When Someone Speaks With A Fake Accent!

If there is one thing that has the capability to get onto one’s nerves, it's a fake accent! We do not get it, we do not want it and we certainly don’t get how someone gets an accent while having lived in India their whole life! Here are some thoughts we all have when people who’ve never lived outside India speak with a “foreign” accent.
1. “Umm, so this is awkward because I know you’ve lived in India all your life.” fake accent 2. “Can I point out when you suddenly forget to talk in an accent every now and then?” 3. “But WHY do you have an accent? How did you attain it?” 4. “Oh, you had an American teacher as a child? But you still lived in India, yes?” fake accent 4 5. “Do you hear Americans change their accent to an Indian one while talking to you? I think not. Then why do you?” 6. “Ahhh, you went abroad one summer. Makes sense now. NOT.” 7. “What kind of an accent is this really? British? American? Why you so confused!?” fake accent 7 8. “Maybe I should start speaking with you in a really bad accent too… Will that give them an idea about how I’m feeling right now!?” 9. “Can I just ASK why you have this accent? Surely there has got to be an explanation!”
10. “Seriously, dude, you need to decide whether you want an American, British or Australian accent. You can’t have all three.” fake accent 10 11. “Just because Salman, Aishwarya, Sonam, Anil and Priyanka like faking it, doesn’t mean you also have to, na?” GIFs: Tumblr MUST-READ: 25 Things ALL Indian Mothers Say About Your Closet At Some Point In Your Life! MUST-READ: Things All Indian Women Are Sick and Tired of Hearing!
Published on Nov 3, 2015
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