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12 Crazy Things That Happen At Every School Reunion!

12 Crazy Things That Happen At Every School Reunion!

Going back to school? Years down the line, when you are invited to a reunion - things are just as confusing, crazy and cute like they were when you first went to school! Your mates have all grown up, and it’s more unbelievable than anything else to watch them assembled once again at one place. Here’s what happens when you get invited to a school reunion!

1. When you receive an invitation to your school reunion…

You wonder just where have the 2/5/10 years passed! Like, when did time fly by so fast?
1 school reunion

2. Your first immediate reaction, however, is…

Of course I am gonna go, it’ll be fun to catch up with all those old peeps!

3. But then, you seriously consider meeting those ‘same ol’ peeps’…

And you’re like, between married, engaged, pregnant, and mother of four kids … uhm, not sure if diapers and fiance is my favourite topic! Doesn't sound like much fun now, right? 3  school reunion

4. You still ask the few friends you’re in contact with from school if they’re planning to go…

But everybody seems to be busy and then you too forget all about it, TILL the weekend it’s due!

5. And then anxiety kicks in, and you freak out over what to wear and what to say…

Well, ‘coz you want your old mates to think you’ve done super well in life! Or at least, better than some of them… Basically, just not the worst of the lot. :P 5  school reunion

6. When you finally do get there…

You immediately regret your decision! That big entrance you planned where everybody turns around to look at you - well, that bombed. Everybody’s huddled in their own groups, you know...

7. And you feel super weird jumping from one group to another…

Repeating your less than awesome life journey, not having so much fun exchanging life stories... (What was I thinking, like seriously!!)
7  school reunion

8. Till you spot that person you had a crush on and still stalk on FB across the room…

And feel excitement tingling across your skin! Things just start getting exciting, and you wonder if he’ll notice you too!

9. He comes over, and says ‘ Hey! You’ve changed a lot!’

And you just hope, he means it in a good way, ‘coz you were cute always. :P school reunion 9

10. But just when you’ve started flexing your flirt muscles…

He mentions his engagement, last week, with that super sexy woman. :-(

11. That’s when you head over to food...

And get your fill of solid courage, and swear never to do reunions again school reunion 11

12. Till that old friend finds you finally, and joins you at the table...

And together, you set the party on fire! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST READ: 15 Ways Schooldays Were SO Different From Life Today! MUST READ: #ChaddiBuddies: 12 Reasons Your School Friends Are For LIFE!
Published on Nov 16, 2015
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