9 Awesome Perks Of A Breakup (Yep, It’s Not All Bad!)

9 Awesome Perks Of A Breakup (Yep, It’s Not All Bad!)
Breakups are the worst! The heartache is soon followed by many headaches that arrive every time a memory from the past crosses path. But you know what, after a while, you can feel the ‘good’ in the goodbye when you accept these awesome things.

1. You become a stronger person

Sometimes we stay in a toxic relationship, only because we’re too afraid to stay alone. But when you break up, you face that fear head on, and after the initial spasms pass, you find that this tragedy has only made you stronger and fearless. And never again would you mind being on your own.

best thing about breakups

2. And you got only one less person to worry over

The thing about a relationship is that two people constantly work at it, with each other - to walk together; and so the moods/ choices/ attitude of one affect the other too. But when you’re done with a relationship, you’ve got only your moods and choices to worry over and only yourself to make happy. And that’s not only easy but far more fun than trying to resolve a fight or putting up with a lot of drama.

3. You are free to do all that you like to do

Being in a relationship is a full-time job. You have to be available to the other person, and so you aren’t always available for all the things that you may want to try. On your own, you’re the sole person to call dibs on your time and spend it just the way you like it.

best thing about breakups

4. You become better prepared for your next relationship

It’s surprising how being in a relationship teaches us so much about your own self too. So post a breakup you just know exactly what you are looking for in a partner. Plus you learn to love another without ever stopping to love yourself first, and isn’t that the best thing to happen to anyone?5.

5. You get a better understanding of life and love

The thing about a heartbreak is that it shakes up all your emotions, and makes you connect with even the most secret corners of your soul - the result being that you not only know yourself better, but also reach a deeper level of understanding about love, and its power to transform.

 best thing about breakups

6. You don’t have to worry about shaving or waxing all the time!

LOL, you don’t mind that fuzz on your body, and you aren’t gonna get them ripped unless you have to wear that cute dress YOU want to try. You the freedom to live the good lazy, untidy life at will, without worrying about a partner’s preferences.

7. You become independent

At the first sign of trouble, you learn how NOT to dial up your boyfriend and call for help. We agree there’s no shame in asking for help, or having someone there in your need of hour - but you’re an adult, who can just as well take care of herself, and independence really does have a sweet taste and charm to it.

 best thing about breakups

8. You can save, spend, slurge your money any way you like

You were free to even earlier, but you know how it goes in a relationship - the lunches, and dinners and movies get a little much on the pocket , and those anniversaries and occasions aren’t cheap either. But well, now you have all the extra money you need to pamper yourself and all the other people in your life, like your parents and besties.

9. And finally, you have peace of mind

Oh, and isn’t that what half the human race is looking for? When a relationship ends along with the whirlwind of fights, arguments, heartaches and disappointments - you can actually feel a sense of calm pervade your heart and soul, and you finally have time for the most important person in life - YOU.

 best thing about breakups

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