12 Things That Happen When You Are Expecting A Baby!

12 Things That Happen When You Are Expecting A Baby!
One of the greatest joys of holding a life within you actually comes with a host of benefits. Of course there are those rough patches like morning sickness or not being able to fit into your favourite jeans, but trust us, the bright side of these nine full months of happiness have plenty of fringe benefits.

1. Shopaholics rejoice!

Not that you ever, ever need a reason to shop but these 40 weeks give you the total freedom to splurge on everything from bras to clothes to shoes. And yes, maternity clothes can be awesome and sexy too!

when you are pregnant

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2. Pamper time

Just the excuse you needed to spend hours in a scented bath, or get a nice pedicure to pamper your swollen feet. Load up on all the soothing lotions and potions for your growing bump. Daily head massages? Why not!

3. Binge on!

For once in your life you can have that second scoop of ice cream or that extraaaaa cheese - guilt free. This is one of the few times you don’t need to fret about putting on weight. Cravings are now your favourite word and your greatest excuse...Bring on those cupcakes ladies!

when you are pregnant

4. Extra attention

Suddenly EVERYONE from the neighbourhood aunty to the liftman is super nice to you. Friends, family and mostly hubby frequently treat you like a princess...life is good!

5. Sleeping beauty

Now you can fall asleep at anytime, anywhere, without being labelled a lazy slob! Catnaps, afternoon siestas and morning snuggles - whatever you want to call them, you deserve them.

when you are pregnant

6. Good hair and skin

Hormones or whatever...with all the baby making inside, you just glow with fabulous skin and super shiny hair. Take a dose of prenatal vitamins like Pregnacare and it'll show even more.

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7. Decorating the nursery

One of the sweetest, most rewarding moments you’ll experience, is prepping the baby’s nursery. From decorating the nursery to organising baby clothes - This is when your dreams start to come to life!

when you are pregnant

8. Extra benefits

Want to leave the office early to avoid the rush hour - you can. Want a seat on the crowded metro - it’s yours! Skip queues – easy. Need help lifting your shopping bags - consider it done.  The way we see it, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

9. Showered with love

Baby showers… Just one more way for your friends and family to remind you how special you are...as if you didn’t know already!

when you are pregnant

10. Free period

You don't have to buy sanitary napkins or deal with period pains and PMS for almost a year. Life. Is. Good.

11. You’re growing up too!

Though you sometimes miss the days when most of your salary was spent on shopping and eating out, you now think more about savings and investments. But all this responsibility is exciting and just welcome this new chapter in your life.

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when you are pregnant

12. Health and nutrition come first

You suddenly get super conscious about your body and its needs. You read every pregnancy book you can get your hands on and take care of yourself like you never did before. Skipping prenatal supplements? No chance!

Good nutritional intake is vital throughout pregnancy, not just the first 12 weeks. A great prenatal supplement, Pregnacare® provides a comprehensive spectrum of essential nutrients including 19 important vitamins and minerals like Folic Acid, Vitamin B2, B6 and B12 which plays a crucial role during the full nine months.

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when you are pregnant