16 Things You Will Totally Get If You Studied In Pune!

16 Things You Will Totally Get If You Studied In Pune!
Pune dearest, how we love you and your eccentricities!

If you have lived in Pune for a few years, the hardest thing to do is leave. You leave your heart in Pune and you keep going back for more. Pune is quiet, humble, beautiful and accepting. If you've ever lived in Pune, you know for sure that you've found a place called "Home". Here's a list of things you can relate to if you ever studied or worked in Pune!

1. Fergusson chicks are so hot yaaaa!

You were inadvertently a part of the on-going and never-ending "Who has the prettier chicks – Fergusson or Symbiosis?" debate.

2. I love you, Savera

When Savera and Apache (which were both located at F.C. Road) shut down, you convinced yourself that it was a terrible nightmare. When you realized they really had shut down, you cried yourself to sleep.

studied in pune

3. Meet at Hidden?

When anyone asked if you wanted to meet at The Hidden Place, your first question was never a "When" or "At what time?". It was – "Which one? The old one, the new one or the newest one?"

4. Bun-maska and chai combo!

When you had money you went to Goodluck Café for the keema fried in eggs and the rumali roti. When you were broke you went there for bun-maska and chai.

5. Om supermarket is super!

You eventually come to realize that the best place to rent a flat is at Model Colony.

studied in pune

6. E-Square - University Road

At E-Square, there will always, always be a snoring and burping uncle seated right next to you.

7. The cheese. So much cheese!

Nothing - and absolutely nothing - can beat the cheese omelette served at Vohuman's Café.

8. Why are these names so common?!

Every fifth girl you run into is called "Sneha" and every fifth guy you walk into is called "Swapnil".

studied in pune

9. Fashion and them machines, ya know?

Every third girl you bump into at Koregaon Park is a "fashion blogger" and every thid guy you meet at (insert random place in Pune) is a "mechanical engineer".

10. 4:20!

Everyone including Mary Jane knows what Swargate is famous for.

11. Futsal!

Mundhwa/Vimangar Futsal Evenings. "Arreyy suno, 8 o clock ka booking hai kya?" "How many guys in?"

studied in pune

12. 2 AM chai!

Oh Aunty ki Chai, we can't decide who we love more. You or your chai. Tough one, this.

13. And the monsoons!

We wait and wait and wait some more for the monsoons to start, and when it does, it never stops. Dear Pune Monsoons, we love you, we love how you make us feel, we love petrichor, but we also like going out on dates and chilling with our peeps. Take a break once in a while, okay?

14. Ganesh Chaturthi!

Give me nine days of Ganesh Chaturthi, and I'll be the queen of item songs. No seriously. I will.

studied in pune

15. Idli? No, please!

No offence, Pune, but you suck at making South Indian food.

16. Auto Kakas are the best!

No, really. Some of them are really, really nice people!

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