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13 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’ve Studied At NIFT!

13 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’ve Studied At NIFT!
One hears NIFT and knows it to be the dream of anyone who wants to make it big in the world of fashion, and also the lifelong pride of anyone who’s cleared the tough entrances to actually have been a part of it! Here are 13 things everyone who’s been to NIFT will totally relate to!

1. We make models out of our friends for our final jury presentations…

Designer clothes and professional photo shoot … what more can you do for a friend, really?

studied at NIFT

2. Fashion shows? Oh, we’ve been to them all!

You know, they were practically a part of our internships!

3. If you thought we’re just a bunch of pretty faces who can only walk and talk fashion…

You should watch us turn the amphitheatre into a cricket stadium, and the kund into a volleyball zone and play like a pro!

studied at NIFT

4. Ever wonder why we all have that one amazing wall art, common to all our selfies?

‘Coz we have a wall all to ourselves on campus, that we get to color any which way we want. No wonder we’re so creative, right?

5. Farewells mean wearing a cream colored saree…

And can that ever go out of style?

studied at NIFT

6. We don’t really believe in competing with other design institutes across the nation…

‘Coz we got our toughest competitors internally, in the form of our many branches, spread across different parts of the nation - who keep coming together to battle it out at Spectrum!

7. Don’t be surprised to walk into a fashion mag, and find most people there to have been NIFT alumni…

Well, let’s just say the fashion industry make-up is quite NIFT heavy.

studied at NIFT

8. Just name any big designer in fashion…

Manish Arora, Rajesh Pratap, Ritu Kumar, Reena Dhaka, Sabyasachi? Them and many counting, that’s the NIFT legacy.

9. Sleepless nights? We’ve even lost count of those…

The many, many assignments and presentations that we go through - well, they’re the reason why we become so great at what we do!

studied at NIFT

10. Ask us about the best of masterjis and karigars in town, at a budget…

And we’ll tell you exactly where you need to look! Dude, making hurried visits and special requests from the tailors is the one thing all of us did during our four years there!

11. We’re pretty old-school…

Be it our campus with it’s ancient feel, or our teachers who are equally ancient with their decades of experience too! Plus, we still like to go traditional, and aren’t really like the other laptop-carrying, techno-savvy design places!

studied at NIFT

12. We have an impressive portfolio to boast of…

What with that graduation project with its high standards that we’ve got to match!

13. You’d expect us to be strutting around in heels?

Uhm no, that happened only we had special styling classes. Otherwise, we’d just be cool.

studied at NIFT

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