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Things You’ll Get If You Like Sex As Much As Him (Or Even More!)

Natasha Vazirani

Guest Contributor

We all jump at the chance of claiming that men only think about sex, but let's not forget that occasionally even us girls are very one-track-minded. You might or might not be one of them, but there are tons of us girls out there who actually happen to like sex as much as our men - if not more! Don't believe us? Well, here are some things we're more than used to because of this!

1. Your friends do NOT get where you're coming from.

2. More often than not, it's you who calls your boyfriend at night to ask if you can go over.

3. If he ever has to cancel on dinner plans, you're totally okay with it if he promises to meet you after.

like having sex 3

4. Long weekend? You're the first one to suggest a trip! Even better, a staycation.

5. You sometimes get scared that you might break him.

6. You're always up for ditching the party early and going home for some private celebration.

like having sex 6

7. You sometimes pretend to be slightly higher than you actually are, just so he would drop you home. Then you suddenly feel better. :P

8. You insist he stays late; and when it's late, you tell him that it's too late for him to go back home and that he should just stay until morning.

9. He sometimes wonders if you're in it just for the sex. You convince him otherwise. And then have make-up sex!

like having sex 9

10. You have to make a conscious effort to be patient when you're waiting for him to, um, recover.

11. You happily follow him when he tells you that he's headed for a shower.

12. Drunk texting is just an excuse to ask him to come over!

like having sex 12

13. On occasion, you've been known to start things by yourself when he's late.

14. Sex hair is your favourite hairstyle.

15. You can list out the benefits of having sex at the drop of a hat. Because there are just too many!

like having sex 15

16. You have a backup stash of condoms - in case both of you run out.

17. You also keep an emergency one in your bag, you know, just in case.

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Published on Nov 03, 2015
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