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15 Things That Happen If You’re The First Friend To Get Married!

15 Things That Happen If You’re The First Friend To Get Married!
Getting married is an emotional rollercoaster ride for anyone, in any case. Add to that the fact that you are the first of your friends to tie the knot, and oh boy…you’re in for double the emotion! It definitely has its upsides and downsides – but doesn’t every other thing in life? Here’s what really transpires when you happen to be the first Mrs of the gang!

1. The excitement for your wedding is unparalleled.

It becomes what seems to be the highlight of everyone’s year. first to get married

2. But that also means the expectations from your wedding are skyrocketing!

Err, no Honey Singh will not be performing at my Sangeet. first to get married

3. Your bachelorette planning will start from the day you get engaged!

Pool party? Trip abroad? Weekend getaway? The possibilities are endless! first to get married

4. Your different groups of girls (school, college, office, neighbours) will now mix for the first time and plan something together.

This may or may not be nerve wrecking! first to get married

5. A million WhatsApp groups that are solely meant for wedding planning will be formed.

Thanks, guys, but is this really necessary? first to get married

6. You will have that one friend who gets super emotional talking about your wedding as it comes closer!

Wait, am I not supposed to be the one crying?! first to get married

7. You and your fiancé will fight about the upcoming wedding and for a change you don’t feel like talking to your friends about it!

They just won’t get it.  :( first to get married

8. Your friends may not fully understand just how many things are on your mind and your plate at all at once!

I’ll call you back…promise!
first to get married

9. But because it’s the first wedding of the gang you will have everyone’s absolute support and they will be eager to help out!

More hands on deck! Yayyyy! first to get married

10. Your friends will want to see your shopping or talk about your shopping all the time!

Umm, there are so many aspects apart from shopping, ladies! first to get married

11. You will inevitably become the queen bee and will be pampered to no extent.

Girls, drop what you’re doing…I need a spa date ASAP! first to get married

12. You will have to find a thousand vendors and figure venues and menus all by yourself since there’s no prior frame of reference!

Ugh, why can’t someone hand me this information on a platter!? first to get married

13. You can’t wait till your friends get married because you feel like such a little miss know-it-all!

I’ll help you plan things…don’t worry! first to get married

14. You also can’t wait for the other weddings in the gang because you can’t wait to have carefree fun like your friends are having at your wedding!

Besides, you will get to enjoy it all with your new husband! first to get married

15. Yours will be the most memorable wedding the gang will witness!

Firsts are always special. Besides, everyone will be there come hail or snow, doing their bit and having a blast! Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about anyway? :) #ShaadiGoals
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