9 Things You'll Get If You're REALLY Committed To Your Guy!

9 Things You'll Get If You're REALLY Committed To Your Guy!
He’s confessed his love to you, and you have done the same. And even though things might not be all “formal” and stuff, you know for sure that it’s all very real. Here are a few things you’ll totally get if you’re really committed to your guy!

1. You’re often the first one to wish him in the mornings and ask him about his plans for the day…

Hi baby! When did you wake up?

2. And also be the one who stays up late every night, only to be there for him...

So... How was your day?

committed to your guy

3. You plan his birthdays and your anniversaries, months in advance…

And also corner all his friends to help you out with the big surprise for him!

4. You’d also make that extra effort to be in the good books of all his friends and family…

‘Coz you know the future possibilities!

committed to your guy

5. Most of your friends and family know about him...

‘Coz he frequents all your stories and honestly you do love talking about him (even if it’s only to complain!)

6. You tend to get a bit insecure sometimes...

Especially when his colleagues/ friends don’t know about you, or his relationship status!

committed to your guy

7. You wish he’d express his feelings more…

And just match his words with his actions!

8. You often want to talk about your future together…

Even if the future is far away, and you two are just living it up in the present for now!

committed to your guy

9. You know he is a priority for you

And this goes without even saying, really.

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