13 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re A Scorpio Girl!

13 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re A Scorpio Girl!
Scorpio women are known to be fierce and passionate individuals. They are who they are, and they make no bones about it! Here are a few things you will totally get if you’re a Scorpio woman!

1. You are fiercely independent

And while many people might take this as a sign of your arrogance, truth is, you’re not arrogant! You just like doing things on your own and for yourself.

scorpio woman

2. You don’t like asking for help…

Your independent nature prevents you from asking for help - sometimes even when you need it! You like sorting your own problems out for yourself and prefer not taking help or asking for favours.

3. Having your guard up is just your natural state of being…

You’re not one to trust very easily. You are generally cautious with your heart and scared to have it broken. You put one through many little (and harmless) tests and trials before finally bestowing your trust upon them!

scorpio woman

4. When you love, you love with all your heart

Although you’re a tough nut to crack, when you finally do fall in love, it is fierce, strong and deep! While you may choose who you give your heart to very carefully, once you do, you give them everything you have and more. (Lucky them!)

5. You are loyal to a fault

You are a loyalist. You are very loyal to those you love and care about and expect the same from them. Once someone does break your trust, though, even if you forgive them, you will never forget.

scorpio woman

6. You are quite territorial...

Although you hate to admit it, you are territorial by nature. Whether it's your friends, family or partner, you’re clear about where you stand and not afraid to show others that you’re an important part of their life!

7. Your mood can change in seconds!

You could be sulking one minute and laughing the next because someone said something cute! You’re a perfect balance of introvert and extrovert. Depending on your mood, you could be the life of the party or just quiet and intense and observing everyone around you.

scorpio woman

8. You hate small talk!

You just cannot make meaningless small talk! You prefer deep, meaningful and insightful conversations, even if it is with a stranger. Idle gossip on most occasions bores you.

9. You don’t like playing petty games…

There is just no time or energy to be wasted on playing silly games or on people who seem to be manipulative. Even though you may be diplomatic in your manners, you’re as straightforward as it gets. There is just no messing around with you!

scorpio woman

10. Determination is your second name!

You are persistent and determined in love and in life. Once you make up your mind about something or someone, it is rare for you to change your stance.

11. You’re a private person

You like to mind your own business and appreciate those who don’t try and meddle in yours! You don’t like to open your life up to the world and enjoy living in your own space and comfort.

scorpio woman

12. You are more sensitive than you let on!

Behind that strong and tough exterior is actually a sensitive and caring person who wants to make this world a better place. There are only a very few lucky ones who get to see this side of you!

13. God save those around you when you lose your cool!

You don’t mostly get annoyed very easily, but if you’re poked at the wrong place enough times, there is just no turning back! You know what they say after all, “Hell hath no fury like a Scorpio woman scorned”.

scorpio woman

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