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9 Things Your Friends Don't Need To Know About Your Love Life!

9 Things Your Friends Don't Need To Know About Your Love Life!
Yes, we know, it’s pretty difficult to resist the urge to share all the deets about your relationship with your besties - after all, sharing is caring, right? Wrong! While you and your friends have that special code, you and your boy too need to have one - and one of the rules is no over-sharing of information that is absolutely private to the two of you! You have a unique bond with him; keep it special! Here are a few things your friends definitely don’t need to know about the two of you!

1. Every last detail of your fights

As tempting as it is to pour your heart out to your girls right after you’ve had a massive fight with your boyfriend, you have to understand it’s not the best idea. They may be inclined to taking your side and understanding your perspective instead of being objective. This may cause further problems for your relationship. Besides, giving them every last detail isn’t really fair on your boyfriend. How would you feel if he did the same thing? never tell friends

2. Your sexcapades

It doesn’t matter if you and your boy have had sex or are yet to – in the end it’s your collective decision. Your friends don’t need to have any say in this matter. Sex is a very personal thing. The older you grow, the more you realize that staying mum about such matters is the more mature thing to do. Besides, is it really fair to go reveal such intimate details about your relationship? We think these things should stay strictly between the couple! never tell friends

3. Your boyfriend’s insecurities

Every person in the world has some insecurity. If your boyfriend has opened up to you about some of his, it’s absolutely your moral obligation to keep it to yourself. Your friends don’t need to know these things as it doesn’t concern them in any way.
never tell friends

4. Money matters

Each couple has their own way of handling money matters. Whether you guys go splitsies on everything or whether one of you is the big spender in the relationship – money matters are supposed to be between the two of you! Just like the under the sheets information, money talk to is highly sensitive and can potentially cause problems if open to other’s opinions. It’s distasteful to discuss such stuff publicly! never tell friends

5. Your future plans

We get it – it’s totally natural for a girl to want to share her happy future plans with her friends. But the truth is, especially when you are in your teens and twenties, plans change! There’s so much to achieve before one can settle down. So while the two of you can dream of a future and have even vaguely discussed marriage, we suggest you keep this between the two of you. The moment friends get a whiff of such things, they start planning your wedding (and even your babies). This can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the relationship, don’t you think? never tell friends

6. The ex files

Who your boy dated before he met you is really no one’s business. Period.
never tell friends

7. Family story

If you’ve met his family and don’t have the best things to say about them, just keep quiet. If you are serious about this guy, then someday his family will be your family. There’s no point bad-mouthing them to your friends. In the future, you may get along with them perfectly well, but your friends may not forget the things you once said. Simplify life and just don’t talk about your boyfriend’s family! never tell friends

8. Cute little rituals

Every couple has their own cute little rituals! Come on, you know it’s true. Whether it’s saying “muah” into the phone, or calling each other cutesy names…it’s the saccharine sweet things we do with our significant other when no one’s watching! Point is, they are totally normal and are even important to maintain a healthy relationship. Don’t let your friends in on these little things. They are bound to take your case and this will only make things awkward for you and your boy. Some things are better left only between the two of you, no? never tell friends

9. Breathing space

Every couple who has been together a long time will reiterate the concept of giving each other some breathing space from time to time. It’s that little break you sometimes take that helps you think things through or helps your regain some perspective. Every time you and your boy decide to take a little break, you don’t need to broadcast it to your friends. There will be unnecessary speculation and fodder for gossip. So-not-needed, especially when all is actually well in paradise!
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