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11 Things We ALL Do At The Start Of A Relationship!

11 Things We ALL Do At The Start Of A Relationship!
New relationships are exciting and fun! It’s all fresh and you’re still trying to get to know someone. And there are SOME things we all do knowingly or unknowingly at the beginning of a relationship! Here are a few of them...

1. You check your phone...all the time!

Because you just can’t wait to hear his voice, all day, every day! And all those fun, flirty, cute text messages give you butterflies!

The Beginning Of A Relationship

2. You can’t stop talking about him to your friends…

He is all that you can talk about. Until your friends finally change the topic and move on to anything that does not connect to him at all!

3. You keep your weekends completely free!

You make no plans till Friday evening at least, just in case your new boyfriend wants to make plans with you!

The Beginning Of A Relationship

4. You tend to neglect your friends, just a little bit…

But they understand. Or they will, eventually! You’re just in a new phase and they will be happy for you.

5. You cannot keep your hands off each other!

Seriously, like, it is a STRUGGLE to not be able to make when you’re out together in public!!

The Beginning Of A Relationship

6. You make sure you are perfectly groomed at all times…

You basically see your waxing lady way more than you ever have before!

7. Having to make any plans without him sounds boring.

Like, that party at your friend's house that was so fun till a while back - it’s now suddenly boring because he’s not there! And you can’t stop wishing that he was.

The Beginning Of A Relationship

8. You put in extra effort into looking your best…

And in case you’re spending the night together, you’ll even wake up early to beautify yourself a bit before he opens his eyes. :P

9. You basically pretend that you are superhuman…

And never need to use the washroom!

The Beginning Of A Relationship

10. You’re constantly thinking of topics to talk about before you go out on a date…

Because you don’t want it to get awkward at any point. But it doesn’t, because it turns out you already have so much to talk about!

11. You sometimes pretend to love things you don’t actually love!

But it obviously wears off eventually. Because you realise it's actually more fun NOT to have to pretend! Plus, you can’t pretend forever!

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