Dear Boyfriend, Let’s Do These 11 Things At Least Once! | POPxo
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Dear Boyfriend, Let’s Do These 11 Things At Least Once!

Dear Boyfriend, Let’s Do These 11 Things At Least Once!

Dear Boyfriend, I just can’t get enough of the crazy, cute and fun moments I spend with you. So here’s a little bucket list stuffed with all the many things I want us to do together. Just say yes, baby, and I promise we’ll make memories for a lifetime. Love, Your Girlfriend

1. Midnight. Moonlit Beach. And us <3

I want to go on a looong walk holding you with one hand, and my shoes in the other, under a starlit sky with soft sand under our feet. Can there be any moment more romantic than that?
things to do together as a couple

2. I want us to join a dance class together

Salsa, jazz, zumba … take your pick. I just want any excuse to move and dance with you. And then maybe we could also do a dramatic performance for our friends.

3. And get a crazy photoshoot done too!

We could wear costumes and pretend to be lovers from stories and legends of the past! things to do together as a couple

4. I want us to hike and camp in the jungles

Can you imagine the backdrop of the silence of the jungles, and our lonely lit camp? Gives me goosebumps, already.

5. Some skinny dipping

A late night swim in the pool, with some snacks on the side - ooh la la! things to do together as a couple

6. I want a food baby with you!

A weekend food trip, where we spend days on end eating everything new the food world has to offer us, and not stopping till we’re both feeling quite pregnant!. Food is our one common love, ain’t it?

7. Let’s plan a road trip too!

Driving around, singing, meeting strangers, lodging at random B&Bs...and getting our dose of adventure!
things to do together as a couple

8. I also want to make foreplay fun

You know, dressing up, role playing or maybe even watching porn together! Yeah, I know you’d love this one!

9. And shop for intimates for each other

Because if it’s for the others’ pleasure … the other should also have a say, no? things to do together as a couple

10. Create monograms of our own

And staple them up in all weird places all over our stuff. I think it’ll be quite cool.

11. Kiss at many, many places

Mountain top. Sea bed. You know, just about any place that needs us to be kissing! things to do together as a couple GIFs: Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: Dear Boyfriend, I LOVE Surprises (A Few Hints For You!!) MUST-READ: Dear Boyfriend, Here Are 12 Things I (Love To) Hate About You!
Published on Nov 25, 2015
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