How To Get Along With His Mom (A Few Simple Steps)

How To Get Along With His Mom (A Few Simple Steps)
Impressing your guy's mom may not always be an easy task. She is obviously protective about him and wants what's best for him! So don’t be thrown off if you feel she isn’t being as warm as you’d like her to be! Here are a few things you can do to get her to like you!

1. Find out a little about her interests before meeting her

Ask your guy a little something about her interests, what she likes doing, etc, before you meet her. This will give you a good idea of what you can talk to her about and help in building common ground.

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2. Dress to impress!

Yes, of course you want her to like you for who you are as a person and notice your personality, but nothing wrong with impressing her with your dressing style too! Remember, ladies, in some situations, the first impression IS the last impression! And before she even gets to talk to you, she will look at you. So dress appropriately and smartly for the occasion!

3. Show interest in what she’s saying

Don’t zone out when she’s talking to you. Even if it’s about something you have absolutely no interest in, try and listen and have a conversation with her. Showing her that you’re interested will definitely set you off on the right foot.

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4. Don’t brag about yourself

We’re sure your boyfriend would have done plenty of that. That’s why she’s keen on meeting you too! So don’t go on and on about yourself. You don’t want to come across as “miss know it all” or as though you’re trying to show off!

5. Be respectful, obviously!

Goes without saying that you should be polite, but go the extra mile. Not saying you should dive straight for her feet or cover your head when you meet her, but do try and be respectful towards her beliefs. You may have a different set of beliefs, but don’t tell her that hers are wrong! Find a balance. Keep yours and respect hers at the same time.

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6. Don’t be too shy!

While you should mind your P’s and Q’s and not disrespect anyone’s values or beliefs, you don’t have to be ultra cautious or shy either! There is no way she could possibly get to know you enough if you just nod along to everything she says and never put your own opinion forward. Put your opinion across if you’re having a conversation, but be tactful in your approach!

7. Praise her son a little!

Not as your boyfriend but actually as a person and her son. Praise his manners, talk about his achievements. These things point towards her good upbringing of her children. So the fact that you noticed and cared to mention will make her happy!

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8. Send her a hello text or call to check in every now and then

And if you’re not the type who wants to constantly be having a conversation via text or phone calls with his mother, do make sure to at least wish her on special occasions!

9. Do not even for a second try and compete

With any of his family members for that matter. A guy's mother in particular can sometimes be slightly territorial about her son. So even if she is telling him to do something in front of you and you have the urge to tell him not to, hold back! He may be your boyfriend and you are entitled to give him your opinion, but don’t try to convince him against doing something his mother thinks he should do. Especially in front of her!

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10. Don’t bring up sensitive topics

Don’t start talking about things you know are inappropriate for you to bring up. You may know a lot about their family because your boyfriend has told you, but it's for you to know and not discuss. Even with her. So don’t start asking or talking about any sort of family drama or problems he may have mentioned to you!

11. Initiate making a plan for the next time

Politely offer to take her out for lunch or coffee sometime in the future. Even if she doesn't immediately accept, it will make her feel as though you care enough about her son to make an effort with her too.

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12. Don’t overdo it, but do show your care and affection for your boyfriend when she’s around

Don’t start being all coochy-coo obviously, but show how much you care by doing or saying small sweet things. She wants her son to be happy at the end of the day. So if she sees you genuinely care about and love him, she has no reason not to like you!

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