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10 Funny Things That Happen When You Make Out In A Car!

10 Funny Things That Happen When You Make Out In A Car!

Let’s admit it. We do crazy things when we’re with our significant others… Like going on a binge eating spree or making out in the parking lot. Here are 10 things you’ll totally get if you’ve ever made out with your guy in a car! 1. It’s the only time in life you are excited to find a red light. And when you do stop for it, the two minutes feel like they didn’t even last two seconds! 2. It does get a bit awkward, though, when you find the seat belt, the hand brake and the gear stick in your way and poking you all the while!
Making Out In A Car 3. When you do manage to climb onto him, that blaring horn your butt accidentally presses against becomes your enemy. UGH! 4. But it definitely is the one time you use the reclining capacity of your seat to the maximum. :P Making Out In A Car 5. Noises around? Oh they don’t even bother you. Cranking up the volume on the radio isn’t that out of reach, you know! 6. You master the art of multitasking! Kissing your guy while simultaneously keeping an eye out of the window to make sure no one’s watching you. Making Out In A Car 7. You rack your brains to think of secluded corners that otherwise usually creep you out! 8. This is the only time your car sun-screens go up, even in the thick of the night! Making Out In A Car 9. When you realise that the windows have gotten fogged up, you are instantly reminded of that steamy scene from Titanic. 10. And then, moving to the backseat feels like you suddenly got hold of king size bed after being confined to the smallest cot!
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Published on Nov 19, 2015
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