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10 Things You’ll Get If You Really Suck At Lying!

10 Things You’ll Get If You Really Suck At Lying!
There isn't anything about you that people don't know. And even if they wanted to know something about you, they don't have to wait for a game of truth or dare or the next time you get a bit tipsy. They can just ask you - you'll either just come out with the truth or give a very unconvincing lie that you'll later confess to. That's just the kind of person you are, after all! Here are 10 things you'll get only if you're the worst at lying!

1. You avoid speaking at all, sometimes

Better to stay silent and pretend you just didn't hear the question than trying to lie - a.k.a. contorting your face into those weird expressions while mumbling.

2. You've mastered the art of being vague

You can talk about absolutely nothing at all for a very long time. Basically just beating around the bush with a lot of skill!

bad at lying 2

3. You know your tell and you try to hide it

Sadly, wearing an eye patch for the twitch in your eye would be considered weird or you would totally do it.

4. You actually practice lying

You ask your friends to play your mom so you can practice the speech you took three times to write perfectly and then proceeded to memorize, word for word.

bad at lying

5. And when you lie - you go overboard!

You think of the smallest detail and include it in your answer as if someone asked you to recite the complete analysis of a project that you want to ace.

6. You turn to laughing a lot

Nervous laughter for the win! So what if people think you're mad, at least they don't know anything else!

bad at lying

7. Your pitch ain't perfect

The moment you're about to go for it - the pitch of your voice betrays you and jumps 3 octaves higher.

8. Your friends love you...

Because you tell them like it is, even when you don't really want to. You just can’t help it!

bad at lying

9. But they also sometimes hate you

Considering you're obviously not the best secret keeper and have spilled the beans on multiple occasions - completely involuntarily!

10. But everyone also respects you for being an honest person

They respect the fact that you’d never lie to them or manipulate them. (After all, even if you wanted to, you know you’re not very good at it and have stopped trying!! :P)

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