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#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Don’t Care About In The Bedroom!

#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Don’t Care About In The Bedroom!
There are things that matter to us, and things that don’t. Here’s bringing you a list of things that guys are not fussed about at all in the bedroom. Because the most important thing in the bedroom? That you’re actually here with us!  

1. Whether your legs and arms are completely hair-free or not

Ladies, it really doesn’t matter. Sure, we know you like your legs looking super smooth and sexy when you’re rocking a short dress or a skirt, but come bedroom-time, we aren’t fussed. There are way more interesting things about you (and your body!) than that!

2. Wearing perfume

Yes, it’s nice when we go out with you and there’s a delicate fragrance about you - but what really gets us going is the scent of you. No one likes B.O., obviously (and we know you’d hate it if we smelt bad), but that’s just basic hygiene. We’re totally okay with the way you smell naturally! In fact, we kind of love it.  

things guys do not care about 2

3. How you look “down there”

Bikini-waxed or au natural...it’s completely up to you! After all, it’s your body. And we’re far more focused on doing interesting things to you down there, things that both you and us can enjoy! ;-)

4. If you’re wearing makeup

We like your face because it’s your face. Irrespective of it being kohled and lipsticked or not. We’d pick bedroom eyes over smoky eyes any day - and that’s all about the way you’re looking at us in the bedroom! And, frankly, sometimes cosmetics-free is actually better since we can smell and taste your skin rather than your makeup.  

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5. Whether you’re super-acrobatic or not

Sure, we love to experiment, and it would be pretty cool if we could pull off some complicated Kamasutra pose. But end of the day, the best position is you and us together, and that’s all that counts. Regardless of what porn films would have you believe, we don’t actually expect or want to do gymnastics in bed all the time. (And we are not all flexible like that either!)

6. What “shape” you’re in

Whether you think you’re curvy or lean, fit or unfit - whatever, really - we think your body is just perfect. There’s no shape or form we love more than that of a girl who’s willing to get into bed with us!

things guys do not care about 6

7. Those embarrassing little things...

That awkward angle we got stuck at while we were changing positions, that weird sound when we were, uh, disengaging from each other - all of that’s totally fine. Because, honestly, it’s all part and parcel of being so intimate with someone. And sex isn’t about looking or sounding perfect - it’s about having an amazing time together, about enjoying ourselves. In fact, all of those things aren’t embarrassing at all - rather, they’re kinda cute!

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