The ULTIMATE Challenge: POPxo Meets Nike+ Training Club!

The ULTIMATE Challenge: POPxo Meets Nike+ Training Club!
We have a confession. We’re obsessive chocolate addicts and have been bunking workouts waaaaay too often. Some little birdie told the chaps at Nike India that we need to get off our butts and into the gym! The next thing we know, they’ve thrown the POPxo team a Nike+ Training Club challenge. “Get fit in 12 weeks and we’ll do everything we can to help you”, they said. And so they did! We’ve had the most gorgeous sports gear coming in to the office and that’s just the inspiration we needed!

nike fitness challenge

So what is this challenge?

Six Nike Master Trainers are joining forces to launch a 12-week workout plan for the Nike+ Training Club app to improve speed, build strength and increase flexibility. Sounds awesome? Wait, there’s more!

The Challenge starts with two weeks of Marie Purvis’s Ready, Set, Zoom workout. After that, a new workout headlined by a different Nike Master Trainer will launch every two weeks, highlighting different workouts such as high intensity training and strength training.

How? How?

Couldn’t get easier! Download the Nike+ Training Club app to find a workout based on your fitness and endurance levels and goals. The app is amazing! You get to choose from a diverse set of workouts. The app allows you to work out in the comfort of your own home anytime you wish. Plus you get advice and tips from the best of the best in the fitness world and there's a whole sisterhood working out along with you! You also get to form groups of friends with similar fitness goals and train with them virtually, sharing photos and milestones. Can’t work out without heart thumping item numbers? No worries, this app allows you to form your own playlists too! And what’s more, it’s FREE! Just download here.

What’s the POPxo Challenge all about?

We’ve nominated Senior Lifestyle Writer Simar Rana, Social Media Manager Gopika E.M, Marketing and Advertising Director Sanjana Eipe and Lifestyle Writer Sharon Alphonso to do the hard work while we stay on the sidelines, cheering hard and loud. For the next few of weeks, they’re going to push themselves hard to get fitter, stronger, faster and more toned.

So here’s what’s going to happen!

To start with, Simar and Gopika will take on the Nike+ Training Club Find Your Fast Challenge. We’ll get to follow their workouts and progress on their social media channels. They will kick off with Marie’s workout.

nike fitness challenge

Who is Marie?

Marie Purvis is a seasoned pro who’s been mentoring athletes for over a decade. Rooted in functional training, Marie’s program trains the body to move better. “Once you build that foundation, you can start to work on the fun stuff: to be faster, more powerful and more explosive”. Couldn’t agree more, Marie!

Want to know more about Simar Rana?

She’s the mush expert at POPxo, an incredibly affable colleague and the writer of some of our top stories. Simar believes her Punjabi genes do nothing for her fitness levels and hence she takes great care to keep in shape. Leading a busy life does throw her regimen off though, especially as she’s slightly obsessed with Elma’s red velvet cakes!

Nike Fitness Challenge


What’s her goal?

Simar’s goal is to tone up in the next two months to do justice to her gorgeous designer outfits (have we mentioned we have serious wardrobe envy?). Getting stronger is on her agenda! She loves working out - yes, seriously! A big fan of Yoga sessions, she also swears by weight training as a quick route to toning up.

Gopika? Who is she?

POPxo’s Social Media Manager, a global traveler and a digital media obsessor, Gopika is our Instagram Queen! She’s a fashion marketing major and plans to set up her own digital company by the time she hits 27. (Girl boss in making?!)

nike fitness challenge

But she’s slim already! What’s her goal?

Blessed with skinny girl genes but an unhealthy love for Nutella and four cheese pizza, her ultimate goal is to tone up, build her stamina and get washboard abs. Huffing and puffing up the stairs isn’t a great look now, is it? After a terribly embarrassing gym mishap where she tried to pull down the Lat machine, but got lifted up into the air by the machine instead, building strength is also priority.

Convinced this is the coolest challenge ever? Want to join us? Download the app and start NOW! Follow them on Instagram (@simarrana and @gopikaem). And watch this space for more Nike+ Training Club action!

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* This is a sponsored post for Nike. Download the Nike+ Training Club app and get working out NOW – no excuses! With training programmes for the newbie, the expert and the fitness fanatic, the app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.