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How To Get Fit On Your Own - No Trainer Needed!

How To Get Fit On Your Own - No Trainer Needed!
There’s a renewed energy and a very positive spirit at the POPxo office at the moment as two of our staffers get ready to share their progress from the Nike+ Training Club Challenge. To bring you up to pace, four of our team members - Gopika E.M, Simar Rana, Sanjana Eipe and Sharon Alphonso - started their journey to fitness with the Nike+ Training Club Challenge (a 12-week program designed by 6 Master Trainers from Nike). And while we recorded Simar and Gopika’s astounding progress, both physical and mental in the first six weeks, we’re now getting a lowdown on how Sanjana and Sharon have been holding up! Here, they relive how they went from a beginner’s level of fitness to #betterforit in the past 8 weeks! Weeks 7 and 8 focus on flexibility workouts compiled by Traci Copeland.

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“Having a lean figure doesn’t always mean you’re fit!” - Sharon Alphonso

I spent many years thinking I was fit and healthy. That was until I took up the NTC Challenge. Eight weeks and I can already tell that being lean doesn’t mean you’re fit. What you may make up in appearance, you could strongly lack in stamina and strength. From August to now, it’s been quite a journey. nike fitness challenge During the 7th and 8th week of the challenge I pushed myself to achieve the impossible. I found Kristy Godso’s “Zoom Fast” workout the most challenging. This 30-minute sweat-inducing workout includes push-ups, squats, jumps and much more (even burpees which I don’t quite like!). I have noted my weaknesses over time and I am working on them. My arms need to be stronger to support the weight of my body and I hope by the end of the 12th week I can do many more push-ups and planks in a minute than I currently can. You understand you’re getting stronger, when your body is ready to take on challenges it once feared taking up. Although my journey to being super fit is still a long road ahead, I know that it’ll be worth it in the end. With the NTC app by my side, I feel liberated! I don’t need a personal trainer, or a fixed time to work out. The app adjusts to my convenience and I don’t need a gym or specialised equipment to do the moves. In fact, I change my workout location every week - the park sometimes, my balcony on some days and even in the comfort of my bedroom when I want; it all depends on my mood!

“I don’t need a personal trainer. I have six!” - Sanjana Eipe

I have been working out for a few years now but always in a gym and with the help of a personal trainer. However, every year, I like to try something different wherein I challenge my body some more. Whether it’s running outdoors, HIIT or functional training. In August, we started talking to the Nike Team and they recommended the Nike+ Training Club Challenge. I was excited but also sceptical at the same time - would I be able to work out without a personal trainer? nike fitness challenge All my doubts were erased once I got onto the NTC app. A one-stop solution to all my fitness needs. There are 6 master trainers who have designed customised workouts for different weeks of the challenge. Week one was tough, I must admit but it only got more challenging with time. These workouts put your balance, agility and stamina to the test, and so you’re burning calories and building muscle and core strength faster. I’d set time aside to work out before I went to work every day. Opening the NTC app at 6am is pretty much part of my morning routine now. Weeks 7 and 8 focused on flexibility. One of the recommended workouts was trainer Traci Copeland’s 30-minute “Reach and Recharge” workout. I accessed this workout from the “Get Focused” section of the app and it gave me a step-by-step explanation of the moves I needed to do and the time I needed to do it for. I just needed to pick a spot. My current favourite is my terrace which overlooks a beach. Nothing better than the fresh sea air for a great start to the day! While our girls put their hearts and souls into achieving their personal fitness goals, we’ve got inspirational stories back at work too! Our Assistant Editor, Caroline D’Cruz and Fashion Writer, Apurva Lama have jumped onto the NTC bandwagon and are now religious followers of the app as well. They’re giving serious competition to Sanjana and Sharon after getting inspired by their journey and it’s great to see uplifted spirits and competitive banter at work! We sincerely hope their journey motivates you too to get out and work up a sweat. Because what we’ve learnt from this 8-week journey is that no matter how hard it gets, you’re always a better you in the end! Images: Mrinmai Parab Location: Anytime Fitness * This is a sponsored post for Nike. Download the Nike+ Training Club app and get working out NOW – no excuses! With training programmes for the newbie, the expert and the fitness fanatic, the app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.