9 Important Things I’ve Learnt From My Ex!

9 Important Things I’ve Learnt From My Ex!
So what if it didn't last? Doesn't mean you didn't give it a fair shot and it doesn't mean you didn't learn anything from it! Here are some of the really hard love lessons we're glad we've learnt from our ex boyfriends - if only to make our next relationship a smoother and happier one!

1. To forgive

Relationships aren't always perfect and I learnt that sometimes it's best to grant forgiveness even when I feel like being stubborn.

2. To forget

I learnt that in order to give a relationship a fair shot, there are some things about the past that need to forgotten - otherwise I'm not being fair to either myself, or my partner.

lessons from ex-boyfriends

3. To compromise

A relationship can't be sustained by just one person. I learnt to give in sometimes and do things a different way from how I had originally planned.

4. To know when not to compromise

There's only so much you can give up for one person. I know now the kind of things I shouldn't ever have to compromise on, especially anything that would make me question my self-worth.

lessons from ex-boyfriends

5. To let go

I have learnt to accept that I can't control everything. I can't make people love me no matter how much I love them, no matter how much I try. Sometimes, I have to just let them go.

6. To hold on

I have learnt to fight against all odds for the things that are worth fighting for. I've been taught to hold on with all my strength when I know I've found the right person.

lessons from ex-boyfriends

7. To love

Even if it didn't last forever, it was still love. And if it wasn't for you, I would not have known what it feels like to love and be loved in that manner.

8. To love myself

People may never love you as much as they love themselves. Which is why I'm glad I learnt to put myself first and learnt to love myself before I try to love another person.

lessons from ex-boyfriends

9. To love unconditionally

I learnt to love without asking for something in return. To love selflessly, from far away. To wish the best for someone while knowing you can't be with them.

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