Tall Girl vs Short Girl: Who's The REAL Winner?!

Tall Girl vs Short Girl: Who's The REAL Winner?!
The tall girl vs short girl debate is a never-ending one. We can go on for hours about the advantages and disadvantages of both! But guess what? There are more perks than you’d believe - check out what our lambi and naati friends had to say!

1. Heels for the win!

Tall Girl: We don’t ever worry about changing into flats after wearing heels for a while! Because we never need to wear heels! DUH!

tall and short girls

Short Girl: We can wear the most stunning heels! Whether it’s sky-high platforms or delicate pencil heels, we never, ever have to worry about looking too tall or being taller than our boyfriends. :P

tall and short girls

2. The dating pool is too cool!

Tall Girl: Ya, finding men taller than you is a bit difficult, but nevertheless, when we find each other, we literally stand out, together. :P

Short Girl: Dating pool? All ours! We never have to worry about being taller than the guy or looking for guys who are extremely tall. The options are endless! And while we’re at it...our men love carrying us around! Tralala!

3. Friends and family

Tall Girl: Guy friends know they don’t have to worry about us too much given that we are pretty much equal when it comes to their strength! Gotta use the height somewhere! Most of our shorter friends are always telling us about how they wish they had our height! :P

tall and short girls

Short Girl: Friends and family always, ALWAYS think they need to care of us...because we’re tiny. We’re always the first ones to be asked to hop in a car for a ride.

tall and short girls

4. Fashion diaries

Tall Girl: We pretty much look good in anything! Think runway model height, folks. And the best part is we do not even need heels to make the outfit look better! And when we do wear heels… Wowza!

Short Girl: Ah! The choices are endless. We never have to worry about short dresses looking like long tops on us. In fact, sometimes we can wear long tops and pretend they’re dresses!

5. Too cool for school

Tall Girl: While it was always hard finding a dance partner, we were always at an advantage as far as sports were concerned! Oh and also, there was just something really cool about not having to stand at the very front of the line!

tall and short girls

Short Girl: First in line always! Wait...that wasn’t always a good thing.

tall and short girls

6. Just hanging out?

Tall Girl: Ever seen a tall girl waiting behind dozens of people at crowded bar and being ignored because the bartender can’t see her? No? Haha, take THAT!

Short Girl: You’d think we’re always stuck behind people at concerts and stuff, but you’re SO wrong. We know just how to wriggle through cramped spaces (we just don’t take up so much space, you see) and get in front!

7. Life in general

Tall Girl: Hmmm...Tall girls generally appear to be stronger, so people think twice before messing with us!

Short Girl: Never having to clean the top racks because we have tall people to do that for us. Never having to get stuck in a human jam because we can just find our way through. And they say tiny people age slower. How’s that?!

GIFs: Tumblr

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