Looking For A Cool New Place To Try In Delhi? THIS Should Be It! | POPxo
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Looking For A Cool New Place To Try In Delhi? THIS Should Be It!

Looking For A Cool New Place To Try In Delhi? THIS Should Be It!

Tired of visiting the same old places in Delhi every weekend? So were we. But that was until we discovered Café Hawkers - a beautiful restaurant situated in the heart of Delhi (Connaught Place). Mismatched chairs, colourful wall art, school bus miniatures as napkin holders and a host of other quirky items make up the decor of this place. The menu has a number of classics (and our personal favourites) with an unending number of cocktails - win! But what had us sold was the absolutely polite staffers and the welcoming vibe the restaurant has. And so, we’ve put together 6 reasons why Café Hawkers has to be your #1 new hangout spot. Because when we fall in love, we fall hard!

1. You will admire the brilliant decor...everytime!

Can you ignore it? Nope. It’s in your face and unabashed but at the same time charming and welcoming. Sigh! new hangout spot

2. The staff is super welcoming…

They’re so polite, we could hug them ;)

3. Their cocktails are darn yummy...

Warning: they WILL get you drunk. Proceed with caution and without inhibitions! new hangout spot

4. The low bill amount will always surprise you!

What is with the pricing? We love how we gorge on all our favourites and still end up with a very reasonable bill amount. More reason to visit time after time.

5. The food…#Nomnom

You will put on a few pounds but you’ll still be merry. Every bite is a mouthful of goodness. new hangout spot

6. ...And they love POPxo too!

The generous people at Cafe Hawkers sponsored the delicious menu for the #POPxoCelebrates party. Our guests couldn’t stop raving about the food. Thanks guys! * This post is brought to you in association with Cafe Hawkers.
Published on Nov 20, 2015
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