Missing Your Period & Other Health Alerts You Must NOT Ignore!

Missing Your Period & Other Health Alerts You Must NOT Ignore!
There are many women out there who have health concerns that they aren't even aware of. While it’s easier to ignore symptoms that are seemingly insignificant, this could have a major impact on your well being in the long run. Getting a regular check up is a must these days. It’s best to nip things in the bud before they get worse. Your health should always be number ONE priority! Here are 7 health alerts you must NOT take lightly. Remember ladies, health is wealth.

1. When The Colour Of Your Urine Is Unusual

There are many reasons as to why the colour of your urine changes. If your urine is red, pinkish, dark brown or yellow, it could be due to medication, eating particular foods, infections, dehydration or, even worse, a kidney or a liver problem. To restore the colour back to normal, you can change your diet and drink lots of water. But if nothing works, you may have to visit your doctor to get a urine test done.

2. When You Feel A Lump In Your Breast

Symptoms of poor health

If you do happen to feel a lump on your breast, please don’t jump to conclusions too quickly! Not all lumps are cancerous by nature. Some are caused by infections, injuries and non-cancerous growths. But this is something you must immediately get checked out by a doctor - take action quickly to avoid worrying as well as future complications.

3. When You Miss Your Period Often

Did you miss getting your period this month? Don’t worry, it’s no biggie! The causes for missing it are not always related to pregnancy. There are numerous reasons as to why this happens. This could happen due to stress, diet, exercise, side effects of the birth control pill, or even weight loss and gain. However, if this happens to you frequently, it might be a symptom of complications such as PCOD. To get to the bottom of the issue, go see your gynaecologist. They will not only give you the exact reason for the delay, but they will also prescribe medicine and offer valuable health advice.

4. When Your Back Begins To Pain Every Day

Symptoms of poor health

Most women tend to suffer from back pain on a semi-regular basis. This complain usually comes from women who have poor posture, stressed out at work, overweight, suffer from anxiety or are pregnant. The easiest way to tackle the issue is to exercise and practise yoga. If the problem persists despite this, you will have to see a physical therapist. Trust us, they’re trained to carry out a successful visual inspection and target the main issue. You can also opt for a full body massage. This will not only help relieve pain, but will also keep the stress at bay. How about you book an appointment today?

5. When You Struggle To Get Sleep At Night

When you struggle to get a good night’s rest, something is definitely not right. Sleep deprivation causes heart disease, poor concentration, hampers your sex drive, triggers diabetes, disturbs blood pressure and could even lead to strokes! Other than stress, diet and unhealthy lifestyle choices could also take a heavy toll on your sleeping patterns. Taking sleeping pills should be your last choice. Talk to your doctor about it. They will be able to examine your sleeping habits and come up with solutions to improve the situation.

6. When Fever Becomes Frequent

symptoms of poor health

Fever that occurs frequently is not the sign of a healthy body. It’s your body’s way of letting you know that there’s a hidden infection that hasn’t been cured. This could even be because of an infection in your urinary tract. If your fever exceeds 103 F, it’s time you give doc a call. Proper medical attention is what you need if you’re faced with this problem.

7. When You Keep Running Out Of Breath

Struggling to breathe during the day? If so, then this could be a medical problem which is related to the lungs. Climatic changes, obesity, stress, over-exercising could be the causes behind it. Bronchitis, asthma and heart disease could be a few possible reasons too. If you do experience this, stay calm and try not to panic. Seek a doctor’s help and take medication accordingly.

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